Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I hope you are all well.
Late the other night working on some writing,
I came to the end of my thoughts, the end

of saying what I had wanted to say. My fingers
were still typing and my next intention was
to suddenly type one of those big blog smiles :)
to end what I had written. :)

(To soften it?)
It really made me pause.
notes to myself : video Anne Carson (poet) 92nd Y
deconstructing thought, language, poetry, arts, cultural "talk"~
We just tried this; messing with it (the seasoning and whole grain/nuts). It went around a long time ago. The birds are pleased with our experiments.
Sullivan Street Bakery Hell's Kitchen
Peace and health to everyone. Really, enjoy your health.
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Esti said...

I feel that :) ends the conversation with a friendly smile. When you amile, people smile back. And I like that.

yasu said...

yum..homemade bread. Good healthy food is very important in artists' lives!
I know someone who hates all those lol :) etc..I dont use lol but i have nothing against :). expressing your thoughts on computer sometimes can cause misunderstanding. so smiling definitely softens, I guess..

mansuetude said...

yes, the : )
smiles are necessary on the blog, but it is so weird and not quite right to use them on other kinds of writing--it was the instinct to use it that made me a bit concerned that blog ways of communicating are seeping into other things. I like to notice these things.

If you have ever read Virginia Woolf's "A Room of Her Own," you would laugh! I now have a smile hanging over my shoulder, editing me while i write. :)

Marie-Louise said...

Yes, it is interesting with words. When I began with this blogging it took so long time before I dared to comment on others. And certain it is still difficult - it is so definitive when the text stands there.
Sense a late time back I have seen that is a several uses of "smiles", very good symbols, and a kind encouragement. I felt huge
"embarrassed" when I used this in beginning. But now…:):):) Hope you feel good and that you will have a nice weekend!

saloia said...

beautiful textures...have a wonderful weekend :)

Anonymous said...


Marjojo said...

Thanks for your message a little while back about one of my poems. You’re right, poems can be very visual and I think mine often are, they draw from the same sensibilities as my visual art, but I guess I still find it a little strange to rely on language so much. I love looking for the ‘right’ word and putting these small pieces of word-threads together but don’t feel sure enough of my efforts to let them stand alone. It’s good experience though to try and get feedback. Another thing: I think it is easier to get people to look at your blog when there are images, dense blocks of texts can be a bit of a hurdle…
Anyway. Brought my magnifying glass to look at yours – lovely image of a tea-bowl on which the stain interested me most, esp. as I was unsure whether it was on the pic or on the bowl. Loved to find a link to Anne Carson’s poetic performance piece. Her ‘The Autobiography of Red’ is one of my favourite books and it was good to hear her voice – thank you.
And your line: ‘We must be small to remember’ pulled my heartstrings.

Christine said...

(I was so sure I commented this post. well. Didn't. Doin' now.) Another curl on blog communication -- I'm not always sure who I have commented. I often take several quick peeks in the beginning of luchbreak, or really really late at night, and think - "uh-great post - I will comment later/tomorrow". And come the next day - in my mind, I have made the comment. I was there, I knew what I wanted to say, and I said it. In my mind, but ...:)) (woup-there's that smile) I wonder when Google will have made it possible for us to put a set of technical devices on our heads, so we can think our comments??!! I agree with Esti, so come that time, you will see a great many :)))) in your comments-box :-D

Mary-Laure said...

I just love both pictures. They are so sensuous and textured...

redredday said...

hey there, love the image of the ceramic cup with that circle stain on it. and how random the image of the very green lettuce. i like coming back and looking again at the seemingly random connections you make with things.
and also very curious about the Anne Carson video. will be on the lookout for it. thanks for mentioning it. :).