Thursday, January 31, 2008

Award~you you you you you ~

me & r @ fox and hound pub
The wonderful Ms. Andrea pasted my forehead with this stamp. I wear it everywhere I go. I am so pleased --The You Make My Day Award. I am glad it isn't the *You Must Make My Bed Award* which I hear is also going around! I am not too good a that... : )
Sometimes I fear I could get lost in blog space--I get dizzy and can't imagine how much is available--i am a rather slow woman; live with deep conversation, not comments, so its weird I began this journey... but there is so much amazing bounty! So many people have already been tagged (many times).
I choose these:

Andrea who I give this award back to.
Alexandra Hedberg who dazzled my imagination sharing from Bibbi's tag (to me).
Diane Koehne : Yes!
Dave and Megan in Alaska (Thoreau life dream in snow).
Camilla Engman (who needs another tag the way a fish needs a bicycle ...) but the part of me that writes thanks her for taking taking little Riding Hood out of a book, giving her sneakers to skip around the globe! I think this kind of re-inventing of story is important to me; to extend the boundary of how we communicate... because Little Red Riding hood has evolved as a symbol within the human psyche; art represents changes in our thought patterns. The Little Red Riding Hood in all of us is set free--she now skips out of the page, into a new adventure, one she (we) are ready to tell in photos and art and words and dance. This design of Camilla's marks that evolution in a very simple, powerful way!
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andrea tachezy said...

I have to agree with you - that feeling that we could get lost in blog space. Sometimes I have to think about it how many people all around the world are sending their thoughts, memories, pictures to the space in the same moment.
And right - Camilla should get an award for the most awarded women in the blog world.

mansuetude said...

Yes, Your comment makes me smile!
It is a large big world out there! I stayed totally off the internet purposely always, its so much so much (compared to the meditative space i need so) its odd to me that I am doing it at all... but... nice funny people are found!!!

andrea tachezy said...

Something yet - you are a lucky woman.You can be lost only in the blog space, but poor me, I am often "Lost in translation"!

mansuetude said...

we all are--i feel misunderstood often: no face expression or voice tone! I realized how much i really depend on my own intuition too, to sit across someone, I know people quickly but now I have to "feel" across time and space... and i am paying special attention to what I might or might not sense... if that means.

Art, love, music, dance, they get less trouble than words...even in the same language, words wake up different ideas in each mind.

Liivia said...

Thank you for your visit in my blog! I like your blog, very beautiful photos!

mansuetude said...

Liivia, thanks so much! Your blog and photos are very wonderful!

Camilla Engman said...

Thank you :)
Drawing is my language, I wish I could put a drawing - here -

mansuetude said...

draw away! : )

cally said...

your comments are so encouraging,thank you.
i left a reply after your comment on my post with the pony and stone walls.

Christine said...

This was fun. Conversation is rare in these parts:)) Usually q and a's are situated on different blogs.

Thank you for sharing. And for visiting. Maybe I have misunderstood you once or twice -- I'm sometimes puzzled by your comments -- I enjoy that. You often see things I hadn't thought of, which gives me a chance to look at stuff from a diffent angle than usual:)

Anonymous said...

Christine~ talk to me when it doesn't make sense. I understand there is always, always an odd grey space full of cobwebs and shadows that exists between what one person says and another person believes is sai.

Especially on such little comments on comment pages. I encourage you to explore, to ask, to talk.

Look at what happened on Alexandra's post (comments)! Out of some frustration-- a real great talk!

mansuetude said...

suddenly I am annonomous on my own blog! That is awesome!!!