Friday, January 11, 2008

``~~a toast ~~ Get Crazy

A toast to peace, the peace that is already with us. May we hear it again, sit in its arms, make it our inner partner.

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~~Links to NY times Tibetan Arms which is a little short, sorry, and masks... and because I feel .... we the people are becoming too white bread... plastic wrapped and moldy-ish... please break one layer of egg shell that keeps you stuck saying or doing or acting out the same thing... go for the miracles.... get Crazy...even if this song is old... fly ... out of that shell little bird ( i think i hear it cry... to be born ?.

notes to self) ...
{essay Delbanco} ... this is a guy I once wanted to study writing with but meditation took me on a trip of its own. He writes about art and longevity, about mortality... it is long but I would say its worth reading and I have copied it to Word to read later...or just bookmark it. Lots of thought on being an artist/writer in our time.

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