Monday, February 25, 2008

A challenge * to write a little note

I don't know how long I can keep this up, but decided to write a small note to myself every day and seal it in a little white envelope with the date on the back of it. I might write one to anyone, any day ...whatever I feel.

Then I am going to collect them for the year, orderely in a box, separated by the person's name I am writing to. At the end of the year, gather them together and give them to that person, myself included... and only open one a day--on the date it is written.

I think the idea came from writing comments to so many people on the blogs. It adds up, but its all dispersed, and how many of us go back to see what was written days or months back?

I want these to surprise me later next year, or surprise somone else.

At first I thought, just mail them out on the day I write them, because I was thinking my grandmother is about 87 this year, and what if... anyone at anytime might not be there next year on February 25 (today) to pass a bundle of little thoughts to.

It doesn't matter how old someone is today--people pass on, out of our lives. Some of them, well like a mother cat or dog you'd like to hold onto by the back of the neck and shake--just to keep them for your own self. But you got to let them go.

I had a sister die in a car crash one night, out celebrating her wedding anniversary. It came after lots of relatives, pillars of the family, old folks who hold things up in a young person's mind; they got sick, or died. Right, one after the other. Other things go too. So one never ever knows who we are talking to, or what is important, and why... I'm going to write my first letter(s) or notes now; and find a box, and then later, some little white envelopes.

Today I might write two, or three; just little thoughts. Like fragments of a poem. I don't know how good I will be at it, or how long I can keep it up. I've blogged for about six months... so now I know what a little note can mean. I've gotten from you all so many wonderful words, in my posts and in my email, and even on your individual blogs.

Maybe you would like to do this too. To someone, anyone... whoever is in your thoughts. It could be in a little book, to one person, each a small hand held gift of thought, sketches, whatever.Listen, your thoughts are there anyway, living in your mind; it takes a second to jot them down, put them in an envelope at night, with a name and a date on them... to someone. You are thinking of these things anyway. Save the thought and pass it on! Why not?


Esti said...

Your words move me.

I'm not good at keeping projects like that one up for a long period of time. I wish you luck, strenght ans stubborness. Hopefully I'll be here next year to read what has come out of the whole thing.

Marie-Louise said...

You writes fantastic , I become concerned when I read your words. And your messages in a carton it is really something to think about. I type often on the stem way blade when I buy books both to myself and to my man and my children. Little about how we have it” presently”. Late I meets those thoughts again when I looks in the book, sometimes after several years… That the time goes becomes so apparent.
Strong feelings!
I feel so sad when I read about your sister… Our lifes is unfortunately and difficult sometimes…

cally said...

i'm reading so few posts this year, but i'm glad i read this one. i was sad to read of your sister. it moves me that you give so much to others when you have lost so much yourself.

your writing plan is such a wonderful idea. i know how much pleasure your words have given me, and it seems very fitting that you should write some to yourself and get that same pleasure next year.

it made me think of when my great aunt. when she was about 80+ she started to go through years of letters received and began sending returning them to any of the writers who were still living.

she sent me things i'd written when i was 8 years old, it was magical, a little embarrassing, but sweet to get a sense of what i chose to commit to paper so long ago. i'd forgotten how i always drew lots of sketches to illustrate my letters.

it must have been even more special for the people she knew as a child whose letters were 70 years old.

andrea tachezy said...

Wonderful photos and wonderful writing. And of course a great idea!I really love it.
Every year I thik about, to make a diary with drawings, but I am not able to be systematic.How true is that, what you write about posts and comments.I love it to read it and I feel some kinde of dependence of blogging, but sometimes I really miss our old letters, which we could keep for years and years with all the memories...
It is so sad, what you write about your sister. It always hurts, when somebody leaves us.

Mary-Laure said...

This is just a great idea!

It made me sad to read about your sister. I am lucky to still have mine and can't imagine life without her. My heart goes to you, even if there is nothing anyone can do or say to alleviate the pain of losing a sibling.


I really love this idea of yours. Really.

...I came to tell you about how I make my cactus bloom, well, no idea really - it didn't get much light in my old apartment, but still made flowers every year. I don't know, all I can say is I don't water it too much. But I think the real reason for it being full of flowers doesn't have anything to do what I do (or don't do) - it originally belonged to my sister and she gets every plant to grow, so that's the reason. :)

Hope you're having a good day.

Christine said...

I was so moved by this post. So touched by your idea, I think it is beautiful, powerful and fantastic. I really hope you will do it. Even if you only get to write one, it will be worth it (in my humble opinion).
I was shaken by the words on your sister's passing, and of the reflection on relations that came with those words.
Once again, your words pin-point, in that special way that is yours. Thank you for sharing. xo

gracia said...

A great and beautiful idea... and I am happy to have found your blog through comments left. They can mean so very much, can't they?

take care, grache

mansuetude said...

i want to thank all of you for these comments. every one of them moved me; the way you each shared.

I also felt touched by your words concerning my sister, too--every time i got your words, they hit me in the heart a bit, and helped clean more and more the room of that loss. :)
I thank you and your words.