Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My post is here at Tumbleword's other site.
Life is indulgence, down to the last minute.
... Indulge..
I have reached something, satisfied something
am bored, ... inquisitiveness has a nose like a rabbit
itching for a new thing to nibble... opens window door wind ...
Fantastico.... ? What is this :?


Mary-Laure said...

Hello little yellow airplane. I love planes; my grandfather was a pilot and I have a wood propeller from a plane he flew in my apartment.
Little yellow airplane, fly me high and far away.

Camilla Engman said...

I was to lazy to log in at your other site (for leaving comments)

- Just as much to read in the comment section as in the blog :) Is beeing caught by fire your greatest fear of "nature" catastrophies?

mansuetude said...


I don't fear fire, I LOVE it! Its one of my favorite things, to build a large fire, to sit there and see it shape itself around whatever pattern of logs I might pile--love the red coals, the sound, a glass of wine and no talking!

What I fear? Probably the inner crud of society *mind* teaching people to hate--like in Nazi Germany. I fear greed, which my country is sopping in now, and mean unnecessary acts of people hurting anyone "unlike" them.

I fear liars, and people with great intelligence who use it to bind others and not free them. I fear when people I love die, and I hit the ground, and die with them...its unbelievable shock sometimes. !

Why aren't you in bed resting with Morran?