Monday, March 17, 2008


Its St Patrick's day here
and all my words are happily enjoying these, Caife Gaelach.
Just wanted to say, Slancha!
To Your Health.
To visit Tumbleword's other site.
Peace to all you, and sweet, sweet, dreams.


karin said...

Hello, just tagged you, "à la "Amelie" (the french movie), three little life pleasures quiving me
with bliss"!

Esti said...

Thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog. You make me think, recall and dream. It's a very precious talent.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

they look to eat - freash green and pinkish. When I was small I called them "noses".

And - just as esti wrote: thanks for always leaving the most "thought through" comments. I always think " let's see if manuetude has left a comment today" crossing my fingers. I wish I had more time to do that as well - leave that kind of comments. But it is also about talent ... you do not just want to write "anything"

gracia said...

Here's hoping those words enjoyed themselves...

Christine said...

Happy Irish coffee day ;) - I love ic - I always make extra whipped cream - looove whipped cream:))
Lovely pictures:)
- and I second Esti and Alexandras comments :) Take care

Marie-Louise said...

I am thinking of you, just now, and thanks for all your fantastic comments!
Happy Easter and I wich you a good weekend!

M.KATE said...

so glad i found this blog, just love nature so much, wonderful pictures

cally said...

always a joy to catch these seeds when they blush

redredday said...

hi M, i love these red maple wings you took. usually, i just see green brown brittle ones on the ground.

thank you for thinking of me that fiery day...your message made me smile. i've been feeling a little withdrawn lately...there have been a lot of interruptions from studio work with visitors and trips back and forth from home. and it doesn't help that my workspace is in such a mess from major reorganizing. hopefully, i'll be re-set-up by next week. i want to take pictures of my new awesome shelves i've built! maybe i will show them on my blog.

are you still working with plastic? i'm still curious. you seem to be from another world to me sometimes/manytimes. :).