Wednesday, March 12, 2008

poem in your pocket day ~ ~ flight


old dry ecologies

new wreath
Walking. Nice in the spring--a not quite born spring (maybe i am not quite born yet too), but the preparations are showing. Everything is heightened.
The past few days, so wonderful outdoors. Saw a huge hawk gliding close in the trees; me on the ground full of longing, to float simply in the air like that; to ride invisible currents. To release mind and body, weightless. Wind ruffling up the feathers. The hawk made swooping circles over the trees and then seemed to loop around and around the sun. T o watch the beauty, I put my hand up to cover the sun from my eyes. Then, looking up the hawk appeared to circle my upturned hand. A wonderful, rare perspective. (Not good for eyesight, but worth it.)

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Peace and graces to all who enter here.


Esti said...

So beautiful words!

Seeing a hawk, wow! I haven't seen one in ages.

Mary-Laure said...

I would SO have loved to see that hawk. Apart from a few sparrows and lots of pigeons, there aren't alot of birds around Paris...

gracia said...

Sighting a hawk sounds magical...

Enjoy your weekend, g

andrea tachezy said...

I haven´t visit here for a while, bacause I am working to much right now and I don´t want to be in a hurry, while I am here, reading your nice words. It makes me always to slow down for a while and to step into a quite and silent world. Thank you for it so much!
Great photos!

ellyy said...

beautiful colours!

Christine said...

Wonderful photos. Wow - a hawk. Nature just beats everything, don't you find?:))
Have a wonderful sunday

Marie-Louise said...

I want to write something new to you, not only nice photos, wonderful … But I don´t have limited means. I always return to your blog and becomes concerned of both your pictures and of your words!

sandra said...

a hawk! oh my. i love your old dry ecologies-photo.