Saturday, March 8, 2008

~ tendrils

hanging on
Does this answer the riddle!?Who came first the Chicken or the Egg?
also this animation X
I Web page love...
Heard the other night, "there are more photos in the world than bricks; and not one of them is the same." This was written way before digital cameras became popular.
Post and Hollywood B&W photo links at Tumbleword's main site.

Early clematis looking for trellis
Peace and grace to all who enter here.


Esti said...

The top picture is great!

Marie-Louise said...

You are so fantasticly encourageing. I have always been afraid to both speak and to write on English. Your words help me to dare! I always read your blog and does not always understand everything… But I enjoy of your beautiful and tranquil and poetic photographs.
Thank you !

Mary-Laure said...

This black and white picture is fabulous. It has a zen-like Japanese quality, so sober, simple and BEAUTIFUL.

Christine said...

Your photos and your words are wonderful:) Made me blink and feel the whole world flash by, thinking about the bricks and the photographs. Phoew. makes me feel so humble - all these people, in all this time, documenting their lives and emotions. Humongous:)
Thank you for the links, too.

mansuetude said...

Esti: thanks for all your warm and poetic compliments.

Marie-louise: you have to dare every day, like an inch an hour. In a year you will have made huge dares! :)

Mary-laure: thank you!! your compliments are wonderful. its actually the sky after a rainy overcast day, that is the color; not b & W literally but color. very somber. yes!

Christine: i love the way you express that, too. the bricks were a bit of a shock to me; can't imagine how many photos are in the digital realm, now, and someday it will all probably be kept someplace! Humanity's photos.

karin said...

This blue and foggy one is a dream.