Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~ jazz



There are symbolic gestures all around us--the world full of "signs"-- some intentional and others waiting to be opened by our inner dialogue with ideas, memories, culture and education. So much of what goes on in us is private dialogue.
The nail above means different things to anyone; to a culture, a religion, depending on what's layered inside the mind and heart. There are personal and public ideas in us about everything.
I stepped on three nails in one day while exploring the woods with my brother when age 7. To feel my way back into that moment the nail goes through the rubber soul of my sneaker and into my flesh. We don't always indulge in traveling into memories but with concentration we can almost "be" there again. Vividly, like a photograph opening into dimensional space that feels and thinks again. Can you spell what happens next ... Tetnus shot !
Memory is divine.
The smallest gesture of one stranger moving past the lens of our senses (a tone of voice, a specific smell, an elegant motion of hand or neck; a color or fabric against the skin, slants of light--anything can suddenly open up rooms of powerful psychic content. So much art comes out of there. Don't you agree?

Link to
I Met the Walrus: John Lennon interview and visual.
Really don't know where I got this link, but "knowing how way leads on to way" as the poet Robert Frost says ... I should never find the path back to find or figure it out to say -- all your blogs seem alive, a tangled shifting window display of light and possible connection.
You have to be a Jazz musician to figure it all out. :) .


Erin said...

I love that life is like that, that there is infinity in an image in a nail.
Or that the words John Lennon spoke then have absolute relevance today. about war and peace and his acknowledgment that the creative process leaves mysteries to be discovered later.
And that I see so much through this tool of the internet,
that the web runs so far and deep, holding both the horrendous and the divine.

karin said...

For me it are sometimes special smells, that lead me back to the past. I don't even notice them, but by thinking of a special situation or person, I realize: aha, there's this smell in the air :)
Memries and what evoces them is very fascinating subject and very individual, I totally agree.

Esti said...

The way the nail takes you to your childhood is similar to the way that the beach takes me back too. Or the music. A very evocative post.

andrea tachezy said...

the top photo is really so strong!
I thing all of us, we have some experirnces with old nails.
There are so meny things able to evoke memories - smell, music, kind of light, some words, sounds. Sometimes I Love, sometimes I am sending the memories away...

M.KATE said...

another interesting post and love the pictures !!

a home far away said...

Hi there! First time visiting your blog, it´s really interesting reading it:-)

I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, feel free to visit!


Summer said...

Symbolism is a powerful tool and yet entirely individualized to its perceiver. This, to me, is a fascinaing phenomena about identity. Your life, your choices, your experiences all color your perceptions so that they are uniquely your own. Yes, I do agree that this is art. I believe that each person is an artform. We all reinvent ourselves with our choices.

By the way, you recently commented on one of my blogs. Please check back to my site. I heeded your advice. (Thank you)

gracia said...

Upon first glance I mistook your rusty-headed nail for a small mushroom... mistaking a manmade form for nature, oh dear... best find my glasses and put them back on.

see you, g

Alexandra Hedberg said...

you sure nailed that photo of the nail! Such a distinct but oh so poetic photo of a rusty nail

Mary-Laure said...

I love jazz and also Robert Frost. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, too: one can see so much in them, imagine so much.

Christine said...

A rich post today. Very beautiful and full of images and moods.
I had a similar remembering-experience today - I'm posting it now:) Thank you for the inspiration.
and -- the nail pict is very very beautiful

Mrs.French said...

Beautiful photos and words to match.