Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A pregnant woman carries a lovely glow, don't you think?
I am especially blessed by a tag from Karen (who is glowing
with a very special collaborative project Due out in October.)

Six things I like today.
Only six? That is hard to choose--

1~ The current moon—last night’s glowed like a spirit in love (or can I say …a pregnant woman).
This video: Such Happy existentialists (phrase may be an oxymoron, but who knows).
3~ television sets that know how to “unplug” and take time OFF.
4~ blueberries *they have little crowns, and blackberries.
5~ Virginia Woolf (am reading some of her autobiographical writings again). I want to thank her...but
6~ my brother’s voice: things he said yesterday still alive inside me. He has no idea how much I love and admire his strength, courage, sensitivities; (and his old nack for mischief)!
7~ Today's chance to sound my Barbaric Yawp
8~ this simply beautiful reminder that the world is old, and i am here such a short time.
9~ all of you who’ve entertained and taught me and spread kindness these months on this adventure/blog. Thank you!

I pass this tag to Christine (see also her new food blog); and Frodo Tachezy (who looks like he just might have something to say). :)
Also, I was tagged by Seth with two beautiful awards.

& Seth’s awards make a person blush, they belong to everyone.

So I am tagging ALL of you to go check out Seth’s wonderful Art blog. I really love his two Greece Journal posts. Seth also has some great art links lined up to explore. Thanks Seth.
Peace to all of you. Link to Tumbleword's One site.


seth said...

Many thanks for the shout out! Love your blog!

gracia said...

A lovely list of likes extended. Six, only six, yes, I agree, too too hard. The moon is on my mind at the moment, that and books. Luckily, for me, they oft go hand in hand.
Happy reading, g

Anonymous said...

I like that post, we should all list the goodness in our lives every day!

Disa said...

what on earth is a barbaric yawp? i have a visual of a super furry polar bear/ALF looking creature...

karin said...

mansuetude, the things you have chosen are so very beautiful.

saloia said...

blueberries have little crowns
the regal fruit*

i love them in cold milk after i eat the cereal :)

a great weekend for you


sarajo f said...

I am such a fan of your comments! Your selection of things loved today are so very beautiful! Many thanks for your continued intelligence and poetry...

Esti said...

You fill my eyes with the most wonderful words, and my mind with great images. Thanks once again.

Sandra Evertson said...

I Love what you see...!
Sandra Evertson

Christine said...

Hi:) I gave you an award - I know you allready got it - but you are getting one from me as well. Had to. Lovin' your blog'n all :)) Take care /C

mansuetude said...

Thanks everyone--you are all so kind.