Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I like the rhythmic beauty of saying Reggiano Parmigianno. Try it. ")
6x outloud, then twirl and make a wish... a dizzy wish.
World peace could be one wish.
(i know you will do this more than once and you get a new wish every time).
Just subscribed to this website Fabchannel, live concerts.
So far have listened to this concert and Martha Wainwright (discovered here) and
But there is so much more.
and loving these. The comments show we each see differently. How do you see them?
on Flicker, love the sepia of these , and what is the answer to this?
peace to all of you & link to Tumbleword's other site (photos better there)
a socrates


Summer said...

reggianio parmigiano, reggianio parmigiano. I like it!

Try saying "toy boat" 10 times fast. It's absolutely impossible!

mansuetude said...

Summer--You are right. it is impossible and silly at that. I sounded like a german learning another, deep in the throat foreign language. :)

Disa said...

i have to admit, i rather like saying "coitus interupptus" really fast, under my breath, of course. :)

mansuetude said...

Get thyself to a nunnery, Ms. Disa, as Hamlet would say. :_)

I myself feel you should go wash your mind out with Cornflakes till your thoughts are wholesome again!

Quark said...

I know fabchannel for quite a long time, they have amazing concerts there, you should check the Damien Rice gig, it was awesome.
Last week I listen to Martha's "I know you're mary...." not really sure what to think, yet.

So new blog?

Now i'm reallly psych out about this:


mansuetude said...

Quark--I have loved SO MANY songs on your blog, so i can see how you might not quite take to Martha's style. I loved immediately here BMFA song--its a bit like a Dylan melody; but any song that begins, "Poetry is no place for a heart that's a whore" makes me listen. I think its a girl's song, if you only knew how many American girls try to be "good" and have no voice while the boys around them plunder life's joys. It just works on that level for me.

That Sheep link you sent me, i love the language of it, and might post. :)

Anonymous said...

poetry with italian cheese, I love it and mystic photos!! this post and the last one, I feel so peaceful now!!