Wednesday, July 30, 2008

brotherly love (with a little help from old friends

one blue eye one brown (old man now)
see what Frodo (tagged) is up to
Last night I stayed up past midnight watching Cry, The Beloved Country. Noticed the book on my shelf just that morning and thought "read it next" so it seemed a synchronicity it was on cable. Watching it, I wept. I wept. I wept. (it is NOT that time of the month).
The world sometimes seems full of such uselessly reasoned out pain, cruelty and judgement. One man against another (ideas setting them at odds); men who otherwise live side by side with such beauty, such potential for amazement. Then one man offers his heart, his hand. Then... (all is possible) for we write the story.
am enjoying these drawings: you have to scroll down to see
Love and am eating paragraph by paragraph like toffees individually wrapped. Found via this great blogger.
Perhaps like the brotherly love photo below--people of the world should get together for a good drink and wear a silly hat and practice the new yoga, smiling and laughter. :)
do practice your smile yoga--breathe smile laugh :) stretch it out, smile into the toes and up now, into the brain stem, tickle yourself in all the good places, very good. now, :) hold it, smile, :)
Peace to all and link to Tumbleword origin etc.

brotherly love (in boston not philadelphia) :)
photos: boston b


Disa said...

what a lovely furry friend. and the pic of the boys...there is a "milkwright" card caption waiting for those two. thats worth at least one sun salutation.

mansuetude said...

i don't know "milkwright". they are actually brothers (who used to bicker a lot). This is their dog, an Australian shepherd--during parties the dog will try to herd everyone. :) He is getting old now.

Mary-Laure said...

Is that your dog? He's beautiful.

It's funny you mentioned that book, I was planning on reading it! I hear it's very good.

Benjy answers a question you asked on my blog today...

Disa said...

imagine all of the old, faded photos from your parents's albumns of the 70's, and add some quirky caption in old typewriter face....

mansuetude said...

Mary-Laure: The dog belongs to the "two amigos" but i have had the pleasure of being "herded" like a sheep via his skills.

Disa, thanks. I think you are a stand up comic.

sandra said...

oh the dog photo made me smile and almost cry, i've had a collie with one blue and one brown eye.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Beautiful dog... such friends they are!!!

I love the ending of the writing about being an honest carpenter.. brought a smile to my face...

mansuetude said...

Sandra--Rusty dog says don't cry. Antime you need he will give you a Smoschy-kiss and let you look at his colorful eyes. He's 83... but he loves to be loved.

Gwen--its nice to know you liked it; i loved that ending too.

Anonymous said...

a nice dog of course, but be happy It's not yours there just like babies!!but great friends too!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful pup!

andrea tachezy said...

What a lovely friend. How old is he ( or she)?He has something similar in his face like our old dog lady Aga.It is such a big difference between her (12 years) and Frodo. Take care and Na zdravĂ­ ( I have to put my Lambrusco into the fridge :-)

Robyn said...

I live very close to Cry the Beloved Country territory. My great grandparents farmed in Ixopo. A little bit of trivia... my paternal grandmother and Alan Paton were first cousins.