Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In the Carolinas

The lilacs wither in the Carolinas.
Already the butterflies flutter above the cabins.
Already the new-born children interpret love
In the voices of mothers.

Timeless mother,
How is it that your aspic nipples
For once vent honey?

The pine tree sweetens my body
The white iris beautifies me.

~ Wallace Stevens.
Bob Dylan: Froggie Went'a Courtin' ah ha
Bob Dylan: Just like a woman & Visions of Johanna
Kowabunga! (this means joy rises ... why? oh.. because its fun to say).
Tagged by Lynne H to show the 4th image in my 4th folder.

... to give photo some perspective, i added the photo beside it below. In return I would like to see the 4th photo in the 4th folder from these 4 photographers...

1. Omami
2. Andrea Tachezy
3. Jo (Spittler)
4. Lumetta (Ritva)

In addition, I have been tagged by Mary Laure with these two awards.
& ... Thank you again, so much.

I add a little challenge to these stamps, if allowed.
First, it is impossible to really pass on awards, if i visit and comment i like what you're all about! I name ten wonderful people to these awards but in addition I ask for a phrase: a few lines from a poem, a song, or an overheard sentence that rings important inside you--

You can post it in my comments or if you choose to pass this award onward, post the phrase at "home" in your blog. If its naughty to change a tag, i am both naughty and nice. Nobody is required to do anything ... (not even dishes tonight). I wish everyone who visits (and the lots of you who never say a peep) will also share a tiny phrase.

1. Disa
2. Bibbi Forsman
3. Hilary
4. chatoyance
5. Bookbaby

1. The Floating bridge of Dreams
2. Radiacoes (i think he has already posted a phrase today)
3. Christine Clemmenson
4. Mystory (brush your hair before going here, she takes your picture)
5. River Garden Studios

and Mary Laure, yes, a phrase from you required too! (please) :)
I think a phrase is like a meditation tool, and it can slow us down, focus our perspective. It can clear a path or add soul to an hour. Here is what hit me today while reading...

Do you recognize me, Air, still full of places once mine?

~Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus (versions).
I really love these images, ideas at Sculptress, too.
and as always, much Peace to all who enter here.


Bibbi said...

Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate every time you make a comment, you often see things that are there that are not fully obvious. Very clear heart. I have a few lines for you soon :)

mansuetude said...

Thanks Bibbi, I feel that way about you too; when i first started blogging i swear i could feel the Peace of You on your blog.

Disa said...

i love hitting "publish post" on my blog, because it means that soon enough there will be a little nugget left by you :) wow, the flattery and the pressure. now i am at a loss for words...i'll be back in a while...

mansuetude said...

pressure... ha, you knock me over.. and make me spit coffee on myself too often.
Don't forget to take your stamps... !
Disa, you are one of my little humor drug secrets.

Hilary said...

Thanks so kindly for the award. :) I'll wear it on my sidebar with pride. My few lines that mean something to me comes from one of my favourite quotes.

"I can find a thing I cannot see, and see a thing I cannot find. The first is time. The second is a spot before my eyes. I can feel a thing I cannot touch, and touch a thing I cannot feel. The first is sad and sorry. The second is your heart." ~ James Thurber

lynne h said...

m., ALL of these photos are killer, but when my eyes fell on the fourth photo from the fourth folder my face lit up in a smile. what did you put in that picture? joy juice that sprays from the computer screen upon viewing?! kowabunga!!!

and oh, i do love your phrase. it stops me too. and so much more nicely than my big STOP of last week.

i am investigating the blogs you've listed here. the 4 photography blogs are wondrous... now on to the others.

this top photo... it is brushing my cheek. so soft...


Roxana said...

oh mansuetude, I am so overwhelmed, I have to thank you again and again.

and such softness and such colours in your photos, I could dwell in the first one forever. the poem is so full of light and depth, I have fallen in love with wallace stevens recently, thanks to another blog friend. Timeless mother,
How is it that your aspic nipples
For once vent honey? - that's just about all, the essence of everything, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Merci de l'invitation, Thank you for the tag I will play soon... Love your photos, they are unique!!

janie said...

music in motion I love it.

Marie-Louise said...

None of us writes comments like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritva said...

thank you ever so much!

Roxana said...

I have posted for you, I hope you will like it...

outi said...

kowabunga! i like your stripy photos:)

Jeane said...

why am I always speechless when I come here? - you stop me in my tracks and make me pause - thank you...

Renee said...

Your post is dreamy as usual. Love Renee

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, when I was young and still living at home, I was laying in bed weeping. I don't remember now what had me so upset, but I felt utterly and totally miserable and alone. Suddenly, a voice broke through my own pitiful thoughts and said three simple words. A sense of peace washed over me instantly, my crying stopped, and I knew wasn't alone and that everything would be all right. Those three words were, "Let it be."

Renee said...

kisses xxx and hugs ooo

Love Renee

rivergardenstudio said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me, mansuetude! You, yourself are an amazing writer and thinker. I love all your comments as well, even on other peoples blogs... these photographs are mysterious and so full of energy...Roxanne

Disa said...

ok, brian andreas "hearing voices; collected stories & drawings".

i think we should make all the flags in the parade out of long underwear, he said, because then only the really fun people will come.
- underwear parade


Robyn said...

I was here a few days ago and then I meandered off to check out some of your links without wandering back to leave a comment.....but now I'm back again :-)

Roxanne has echoed my thoughts. I always enjoy your comments whether they are left for me or for other bloggers. Thanks Mansuetude!


Nice to see you on my blog. Thank you.
Exquisite photos! I love these fragile shapes.

Kathleen Botsford said...

Your photography is in a class all of it's own. I loose myself in your art and return renewed, refreshed and inspired. thank you.

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, Wallace Stevens is one of my all time favorite poets! Your posts are always so beautiful.

mansuetude said...

Hilary~ thanks for playing. i enjoy this like a riddle, esp. the part about the heart.

Lynne h~ thanks for tagging me... and being you!

Roxana~ i'm happy you played, your soulful blog is a gift. On honey, so many levels to tasting... it makes me smile, the sweetest yes isn't it?

Omami~ thank you for playing, i think i owe you a tag still. So you are generous.

Janie thank you.

mansuetude said...

Mary Louise~ such a generous self you have.

Ritva~ thanks for sharing more of your wonderful photos, too.

Outi thanks for coming over.

Jeane~ you are supposed to bring some of that opening night fuel with an olive or two.... :)

Renee, thank you, peace and hope to you. scoops of it!

Roxanna~ generousity is your middle name i believe it!

mansuetude said...

Disa~ ha ha... i have laughed because i have an image of a procession just like this someplace, i will look for it! I think because it is 40 ish and "toasty" as you emailed is why you REALLY want to take that itchy scratch long underwear off. :)

Robyn~ thank you; and for Love Bug, and the Giraffe, it fills me with Joy!

Black and White thanks for coming over, too.

Kathleen~ a high compliment coming from a woman who takes such peaceful images. Thank you.

Mary Laure ~ I thank you, and see now that i mis spelled your name... i am not so good at little proof reading. Sorry, that! Benji probably has forseen this and told you... :)

Thanks all.

tr3nta said...

I love the first photo of this series... very abstract.