Monday, February 9, 2009

Listening: the gift we are to each other always.
I am now listening to birds ping-pong songs across the hedges. The door open, a lovely 70 f all week, sunny, perfect for breathing somehow, relaxing. Its almost 7 pm here and the windows are still open, and its pleasing... sipping *sampling some spicy Merlot brought over.
My camera (less than 2 years old) crumbled within itself ...
has anyone dealt with Canon? Seems like sending a child to a babysitter.


A nothing out of which to create a new.
Was never nothing enough for a new, never
Empty lost lone naught enough
To come clean new in any morning light.

Always in that limbo wide as it was,
Deep, down, as it was, somebody lay
Qualifying any possible creation.

(Toppled in that void tossed there, and woke.)

* I put parenthesis around the last line, cause I want to cut it.
~ Josephine Mills (1911-- )
love this guy from this blogger.
Painting Faces: Elizabeth Peyton. Solid essay.
And Slide show. And more here at current show.
Her work reminds me of a soul recreating herself as the poet Shelley.

photo i keep near (without the popcorn)
Days seems like popped corn lately, fast to open, but the shelf life so frail.
There are some things close to my heart i want to do in the next few weeks. Attention is important to me, and so is the sanctity of being present. I will be back sometime in March, early. To visit. I will miss you all. Thanks for your constant generosity. Joy, sharing.

By then, some of these might be in bloom backyard, and the luscious rain.

Lovely texture : Onion Valentine box
Ani Difranco : Not a pretty girl & 32 flavors (thanks Quark for reminding)

The image below is for you Disa, the procession of the under things (in honor of your comment).

I think we should all start such a procession, to parade an intimate garment, aka a secret thing we might want to let go of... or release. Or an expression. What would you make and place on the public pole for this parade if you were summoned by the King/Queen, your Soul? Or me? Would you join? What could we make, write, sing, weave, paint, weld, blow open?

Breath, what is worthy again, of you?

Peace to all you who enter here, hear??
Listen, peace already exists.
Believe. (& happy valentines to you all too!__)


Anonymous said...

we sometimes forget lo listen, listen to our friends, family, listen when we go out for walks, I shall remember to listen all week!

Thanks for the flowers, so lovely, see you back in mars, always a pleasure to visit you!

mansuetude said...

i think you listen, Omami, i see it in your photos... that is a form of meditation, don't you think?

See you in March.

Disa said...

its a good thing your commenters' commentary is a daily, budding organism. its been a few hours since your last post and i miss them already. something (else) to look forward to though.

so much for my mum telling us to never 'air [our] dirty washing in public'. sometimes that old stuff needs a good airing to get the moths and such out. :) it's a great image you found.

look for the flagpole in march- i'll be waving a welcome back for you!

mansuetude said...

Oh Disa, i like the moths, they tickle...

see you soon.

Roxana said...

oh, mansuetude, I know you wouldn't want me to become a little sad, but I just can't help it... it seems so long until March, suddenly, already missing you. but you will come back when spring comes :-) with more lovely photos of flowers like these ones (even if my favourite one is the first one, I am in awe in front of it, you managed to capture the essence of listening, which is a very hard, almost impossible thing to do in a picture).
and I am writing this now listening to the snow falling outside, and imagining you listening to the sunny birds across the hedges... listening to each other, this way...

gracia said...

Birds playing vocal ping-pong through song -- this is too, too wonderful an image to conjure... thank-you.

Esti said...

I always like your photographs.

Hilary said...

Best of luck with your endeavors over the next few weeks. I'll be looking forward to new images when you return.

Marie-Louise said...

It's so much to think about when I read your text...many important English (you know).
I have tagged you - hope that you will take part:)))))

Ritva said...

"remember to breathe" - my stepfather used to say.
listen and to be present...
so many delicate flowers, thank you!
see you march!

Seth said...

Beautiful post. So many words and phrases to cherish here.

Robyn said...

March is a long way off (you will be missed)....time enough to think of what to parade around the flagpole. I love that image.

lynne h said...

ahhhhh, beautiful one. happy times to you wherever you may be until march. love LOVE these faces. thank you...

i think the life like popcorn is saying be present, let go, be present, let go...


andrea tachezy said...

Thank you for tagging me :-) And the birds ping-pong song - I love it!
Funny smal guy! And thanks for the tender flowers.

Uschi said...

Yes! Listening...attention...awareness...presence...retreat
this procession is to be thought of!!
I send you a smile to enlighten your journey!

karin said...

oh, Elizabeth Peyton, she's great, isn't she?
Happy Valentines to you too.

Quark said...

My pleasure.


Crafty Green Poet said...

listeining is so important you're right, I especiaklly enjoy birds ping ponging thewir songs and also listening to Ani di Franco...

Renee said...

Sweet wonderful lady, peace to you too. See you in March.

Love Renee

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I was just at Robyn's blog and read your comment about the Song of Africa, from Out of Africa. I weep every time I watch that movie. And I too love those words. I can hear them being said. So, I too will look forward to your return, and get to know you through your lovely blog posts.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you too. Have a happy Valentine's Day weekend:)

Bibbi said...

Happy Valentine's Day! There is a tag reply waiting for you at my place :)
All the best, Bibbi

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, i will miss you as well. Your words so ever thoughtful and true and your photographs and their secret qualities. Happy Valentines to you... Roxanne

Christine said...

Thank you for a beautiful post once again. I wish you happy presence in this time you take for this.
I will miss you. Be well

As always I'm wondering what, which mood, made you decided to share these images, this music, these parts of poetry. It's intriguing. Looking at not only the things we decide to share with oneanother, but the moods behind - the jump behind the choice. I find this is are what paints our pictures, however translucent, always in (e)motion :-))

See you soon, dear M

Katrina said...

i love the thought of birdsong ping-ponging in the hedges. and the part about it being easier to breathe. and, of course, those flowers are lovely. happy week to you...

Anonymous said...


redcatblackcat said...

So then: light little bounce-paddlers, airfeatherchested tossers of hedgy pingpong song!

As always, you give a comforting quiet---odd that words can be a quieter thing than silence sometimes.

About this guy: ayotochtli in Nahuatl (=Aztec), namely, turtlerabbit, the little armored snuffler.

And for private garments and their airings (reminding me of this from redredday), I won't be surprised if you already know of the soft care of PostSecret.

Joni said...

listening truly is an art i'd like to master one day...
a really nice blog, will visit again !

Marie-Louise said...

I like your ear picture, I know that you are a good listener:)))

Disa said...

february FLEW by, it's march.... :)

Roxana said...

mansuetude, I hope you are lost in spring and that is why you can't find time for us here, but your marvellous images and words are being missed. a lot.

Christine said...

Being patient i February, most of Feb, anyway. Now I'm checking ... "is she back?" I miss your words - looking forward to spring-posts :)