Thursday, July 9, 2009



Give me the right of way
over the corn steps into your sleep,
the right of way
over the sleep path,
the right to cut peat
on the heart slope,

~Paul Celan

It should be illegal i think sometimes, illegal to feel this good.
There is simply no "reason" !
Please do join me. .. so why are you sitting there? R U smiling yet! Lets dance ... (on vaseline).

Its getting dusky dark, a rumbling, small horizontal flash of lightning. Two small birds chase each other back and forth through the high hedges. I think they are in love & if they each had ribbons they would be making a peace weaving in the branches.
Poor beagle bunny scared of thunder.
He shakes under the table with a hunk of tenderloin wasted between his paws ... such a tender old grandfather my little beagle now.

I want, want ... this mailbox. It lives near the Outer Banks. Looks so lonely, i wish to take it home!! Put shelves inside it and lock up manuscripts & photos. A file cabinet just for me.

hmmm.... ... must be bold... or grow rusty! : )

* Waterfire Providence, Rhode Island
I want to go see maybe in October. Love the artist statement... and you can volunteer, too. Or light a candle. A wonderful city.
* A baby beautiful, beautiful ! (my sister due three weeks from now).

* New word: glaucous

* Song: Ann Peebles: I can't stand the rain
* Song: Love Hurts: (ah... who cares :)

* words that made me happy recently (thanks to some of you) :

1. icky
2. dirt bath
3. worm poop
4. i bought a collection of poems
5. wiggles
6. exobless (a word verification on blog) *very appropriate!

Hope you're all well... thanks for the most beautiful comments. I have the best bloggers on my page! Peace and joy to your moments, i wish.


Katrina said...

oh such wonderful things. and the birds with the peace ribbons. and the happiness for no reason... delightful.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your post is beautiful with such descriptive words to paint pictures in my mind. I love feeling good for what seems like no reason- but if you rest a moment and reflect- there are endless reasons. Just think, we're all so lucky to have computers and see and think and write one another- and have the time and vision to express ourselves, and play, and be able to share our thoughts through our comments! And through it all, we can put smiles on both our own faces and others. That's a great gift!!

Seth said...

Can we share that mailbox?? I want it too! :-)

rivergardenstudio said...

It is so wonderful to be reading your new post with my bare feet stretched out and having my morning coffee and a whole day ahead of me...
So many visions you bring to mind... the mail box, the song (that I will play again later in my studio and dance to) the birds in love and your sweet dog, (my dog is terrified of thunder as well).
I can feel your delight in the world and it has rubbed off on me! thank you, Roxanne

Disa said...

there you are! dancing on'd you come up with such a fabulous idea? i thought crushing grapes barefoot would be the pinnacle of fab....

that mail box is amazing. it deserves a good home.

Jeane said...

as usual I have to just take bites of your posts and come again and again to finish the meal - I love it here and the photos are stunning - BUT the mailbox is the show stopper - you must have it!

Robyn said...

How did I miss this post for almost two days? You must have tip toed in and left it here whilst I was busy carving worm holes.
Lovely photos, especially the first one. Great idea for that yummy post box!
Glaucous makes me smile. I had a journalist friend who's favourite word was glutinous. Somehow he manged to bring it into many newspaper articles. The road was always a "glutinous mudbath".
Carry on feeling "this good"!

mansuetude said...

Thanks for visiting Katrina. Love your new photo image.

Jill~ i totally agree. We are very priveledged to have this gift.

Seth~ we'd have to mail it back and forth... lol.

Roxanne, i hope you are dancing in your studio *no more fractured foot, though! Thank you! : )

Oh Yes Disa, crushing grapes barefoot would be the pinnacle of fab!! It sounds so refreshing on a sultry Southern summer day... after mint julup's ?

Jeane, Yes, come help me steal the mailbox... i have the tools!

Robyn, now you KNOW what comes behind any Worm holes, something akin to "glutinous mudbath"... i won't mention the word though... worm on! :)

lynne h said...

crud... i just lost my comment by clicking on something i thought i wasn't really clicking on...

BUT! exobless abounds!!

who knew that kill devil hills is #6 on the list of america's best surf towns? i sure didn't. and oh my, yes, that mailbox is grand...

brooklyn noelle is beautiful!! (talk about exobless abounding...)

did you see that there's a glaucous *tanager*?!

thank you for all of this goodness, m...

dancing on vaseline,


Christina said...

Seriously, that mailbox is heaven!
; )
PS: such amazing photography here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Brooklyn, she is awfully cute, isn't she? Can't wait to meet your sister's baby:)

Renee said...

You do have the best bloggers on your page sweet friend because you have the best blog and the most wonderful sentiments and poems, and truths and love.

Love Renee xoxo

femminismo said...

Love your blog. Found you through Seth. The fire pic is lush. The mailbox, totally cool. I like the word glaucous too. And I love collecting word verification words. Some of them are too perfect! - Jeanne in Oregon

maria said...

that mailbox, wow!

janis said...

You bring magic into the world Mansuetude ... thank you once more...

notmassproduced said...

Hey- thanks for your visit :o) beautiful words and images here - i like :o))

Jo Horswill said...

Another gift from you to us...and you are sounding positevly well :)

Beautiful Brooklyn Noelle...all the reason to be so joyous.

Waterfire looks amazing...

Why do we love rusty stuff so much???

Thank you lovely one...

Esti said...

happiness without a reason is the best thing in life, and not many notice it before it's too late. you are fortunate, girl.

Christine said...

It makes me so happy that you are feeling good for no reason. And sharing it here.

Thanks for sharing. I love all the fires, the thunder (my heart too beats in sync with the rumblings), the mail box! - yes, very cool. (I didn't get what is stopping you? Is it in use?) It looks lonely - in need of a caring spirit :-), yummy song (-but one of the guys commenting seemed so angry - I hurried back to the lady being happy for no reason. I like it here.)

Congratulations to Baby, Mom and Aunt in a bit, beautiful Summer days, and calm nights.


Adelino Marques said...

Fantastic blog, congratulations

femminismo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's time for you to go get that mail box and then blog about it. "~" - Jeanne

Roxana said...

ah, dear mansuetude, how i miss your mysterious, soft-hazy images, i miss that feeling of wonder they always awaken in me - and of happiness, yes, a lightness of being - this is your magical secret, and the sweet tenderness that lies at the core of your gaze. you make us turn towards the world 'on the heart slope', every time.
thank you...

Kathleen Botsford said...

Mmmm. Just back from visiting colleges out East and found your new post. I just want to take my computer outside and read it again and again, lying beneath the trees, toes snuggled into the grass. Dreaming and drifting into an aimless summer afternoon. Thank you.

Ritva said...

i agree with esti
and i send a big hug to you dear M!
see you!

Teri said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really like your blog and have it bookmarked now so I can follow what you are posting. I love the photos and your writing. Very insightful. I guess I am not alone in loving that mailbox. Where is it located? No. Carolina possibly? Let me know. I'm happy to have found you.

Christine said...

Thanks, M :-) xo

Christine said...

Oh-y'know, just for your sweet comments on my colours :-)
How's it going with the mail box?
Thanks for the bubble. Sending a similar one to you :·)

Marjojo said...

Nothing feeds and feels like your inspired blog! Found an old poem, a new song, the rusty wonder of a postbox that would become something different in your hands, ancient and renewed rituals, and so much joy! Leaving refreshed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

how nice to see you posting again, enjoy the rest of the summer!!