Monday, May 24, 2010

tangled lines & pure Imagination



from letters of Amedeo Modigliani:

Hold sacred all which can exalt and excite your intelligence... (and) seek to provoke ... and to perpetuate these fertile stimuli, because they can push the intelligence to its maximum creative power.


Harker's Island: Oyster bed

I have been exploring and learning the history of some of the small towns out along the NC coast. 
Unearthed--a possibly 300 plus year old shipwreck off the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Its long sunken ribcage of hand-hewn beams fastened entirely with wooden pegs was exposed after winter storm and surge currents.  Beach combers have found artifacts around the wreck, including coins from the early 1600s marked with King Louis XIII and King Charles 1.
Preservation is underway. (*see videos below for visuals.)

Archaeologists believe this could be the HMS Swift, a British ship about 70 feet long and 16 feet wide that ran aground off Point Comfort in the Chesapeake Bay in 1698.

Back then, the British sent officials down to the Carolina's to reclaim the ship and prosecute those who had plundered it. Nine were arrested, including a Capt. Anthony Dawson, the leader. Six were found not guilty. Dawson's sentence of hanging was commuted to exile from the colony.

One man was branded with a "T" - for thief - on his left thumb and given 30 lashes. British authorities were angered at the North Carolina leniency for most of the defendants.
*So glad I am not branded for picking up beach glass and other things! My thumbs are free!
More images and video of Ship's removal from the beach @ the Virginian Pilot  article here
& Video with relic images Corolla NC shipwreck.


Anything you want to ...
do it; want to change the world
there's nothing tooo it!

Gene Wilder: Pure imagination    & version by Maroon 5

Peace and Blessings to all who enter here...
Its summer, so i will be between ... my home here and my home in Boston... my father is not well either. For months his memory won't manage a paragraph but things are getting slowly worst...
If I am quiet, i am stretched between all the inner things i am processing. I am ready for a deep silence, a deep cleaning of outer flashes of bird wings and voices and photos the eye takes without permission but with grace.  A retreat...

I hope you all enjoy your summer or autumn, depending on where the earth tilts for your life at any given time.
only 30 wee weeks till Christmas. :)
and yes, Thank you all.


layers said...

your 1st image is so beautiful and striking-- and the 'tangled' lines can be a metaphor for life and our connections to family members and others--sorry to hear of your father's health-

mansuetude said...

Yes, exactly.

and yet, its all projected shadows on a moving body (of water and breath/wind)

a constant flux... dependent on light and attention.
life forces us to "see"

my father i can say at this point has had somehow by grace "nine lives" or so it seems to me.

ArtPropelled said...

Mansuetude, so sorry your father is unwell. Oh for silence .... I relate. On a brighter note your post thrills me. The quotes, the photographs and the information about the old shipwreck .... unearthed .... unwrapped... a gift for all to see. Don't even mention christmas .... I'm only just getting over the last one :-)
I love your first photo!

ArtPropelled said...

Just watched the video. Imagine walking along the beach and finding a shipwreck .... and even one artifact! Heaven!

La Dolce Vita said...

was so happy to see a post from YOU!!
love the 1st image and I agree a wonderful metaphor for the tangled lines that not only tie us, but connect us.
the ship wreck is just complete fascination as well as the history you gave...
I can relate to your need for silence and quietude. and am sending you lots of virtual support in caring for your Dad, been through this and it was so very bittersweet. xx's

mansuetude said...

I've been learning alot Robyn.

The area is called The Graveyard of the Atlantic, because their are shifting sand bars and shallow water around the outer banks (a strip of land just outside the land that is normal beach. Boats have been stranded out along those straights up and down the coast, often.

Even today boaters are warned to know the area.

Because its shallow, the tides and the underwater sea currents move the sand levels and lots of old buried stuff in the strata below gets suddenly unearthed or moved around... I have already found some (to me) fascinating stuff walking the beach, and am trying to figure out its "myserious" background. Food for imagination for sure.


Hi La Dolce. Thank you for the virtual support. Some things seem to happen in "waves" and yes, we are all connected, half invisibly i think.

Blessings to you, both.

lynne h said...

here in northeastern california summer seems far away. the trees have barely begun to leaf out. it's cold. we had another snowstorm last weekend... but, my dear m., for you summer is almost here, and off you go (or stay...)

the next art book i get will be about modigliani. he's been popping up everywhere.

as robyn said, this post thrills me. the photos, the words, everything. you have such a way...

travel safely beautiful one. breath and exoblessings abound...


mansuetude said...

i may be "pushing" summer but it seems i have been in it for so long now; this southern spring--and the sea is warm to walk in even when the air is cold here. I have been so soothed by this fact. This year feels like its going too fast, hazy.

i am going on a little silence; but i will be around and about, "peeking".

Someone just stole a Modigliani in France... i bumped into "M" from reading a Yiddish poet who wrote about Rembrandt's image that looks like a side of beef, which reminded me of another artist which reminded me of Modigliani. His faces made me think of you, for sure.

You would understand if i said, that great old ship is really a cluster of great old trees that carried some men's dreams!


Anonymous said...

want to write that modigliani quote down

to avor it some more.

while I sit listening to the rain lash the world outside and the sheets drip three days worth of wetness from the line.
I got all "piratty" over the ship story..fancy finding coins still...

mansuetude said...


further south of Corolla, close to Beaufort Inlet they've been diving on a wreck they think is Blackbeard the Pirate's ship. He supposably ran it onto a sand bar trying to get into the inner banks, and fled with the loot, splitting up his gang. He was trying to hide after his big blockading of Charlestown SC where he took over ships, money and held hostage until he was given "medicine" for his troops...

Lots of lore there.

and, We can be very certain, Modigliani (if born a girl) would NOT be a Brownie or a girlscout. :)

julie king said...

wonderful photos!

the ship remains really capture my imagination and interest. i wish i had some time off to go down and see them in person.

i've spent the last couple of years helping to care for my ailing parents. my dad passed away on may 6th after being on hospice for about 5 weeks. i was blessed to spend many, many weekends living at their home and i was there constantly for the final 10 days. my advice to people in a similar situation is to know that you only get one change to do it right . . . to make sure they are well-tended, physically, emotionally and spiritually. to make sure that they know how much you care. to get things in order, laugh over the old times and share cherished memories. i was blessed to be able to do this. i hope you can feel the same sense of purpose and ease that i did. ((hugs))

Disa said...

what a gorgeous playground you have!

rivergardenstudio said...

tangled lines, what a perfect photograph for these words. tangled lines that connect us all and branch out.
Oh, it is so hard to lose part of your family, and how sometimes there is not enough time to heal from one disaster to the next.
And what a fascinating ship wreck. I used to live near the lovely Chesapeake Bay. I remember traveling across a long bridge from Laurel, Maryland to the forest to visit my fathers family.
find the quietness my friend.