Sunday, October 3, 2010



the bride

fragments from Neruda'
The wind is a horse
hear how he runs
through the sea, through the sky.

He wants to take me: listen...

Hide me in your arms
just for this night,
while the rain breaks
against sea and earth
its innumerable mouth.


The wind has been at my house, whistling. Gale force, and tornado warnings, a week of rain then deluge downpours. All around the earth is saturated. I am saturated.
If i never see another drop of rain again... ahh it is raining now.
Some got more rain in three days than recorded since 1871.
People were kayaking in the streets.  Some flooded, some hydroplaned into rivers, lives lost. Sun isn't coming back till late Wed or Thursday.  I am wanting to move to Sedona Arizona again.

Are You missing a cup of rain?
The Weather Channel images of NC

My lovely Grandmother turns 90 this week. Promised to record her life stories. That should be fun (it will take time, given a life that long, to get her into different aspects of memory).
Hope you are all well and not soggy in the bottom... though i didn't get around much, some amazing and delightful blog posts the past few weeks, it was really enjoyable. Thank you!
I know a place, ain't nobody crying: The Staple Singers

Get behind the Mule : Tom Waits

Old Cartoon about good Karma (I think) One kindness makes so many others, one coldness, stretches out into other troubles. We never know. Then compassion.

Peace to all who enter here
   and warm delicious homemade soup.
We are about to make almond-flour scones with candied ginger.


ArtPropelled said...

We could certainly do with some of your rain but not in such quantities. It's no fun when lives are at risk and cars go sailing down the street. I enjoyed the fragments from Neruda. Thanks M .... thanda.

lynne h said...

boy, i had no idea you were getting all that rain back there... wow. that's a lot of water...

i love this photo of the window...

and you...


Karin Bartimole said...

gotta love chilly willy!! yes, a fine dose of karma was dealt, indeed. thanks for bringing a big smile to my day. :)

the winds and rain have really been much. I am grateful that no flooding or harm to anyone has occurred here. with our roof and walls still partially exposed from construction, it's been a bit of a mess, creating leaks, causing damage to the floors/ceilings below. horizontal rain gets in places one doesn't expect! but it's calmer today, and there was even a hint of a sun ray a little bit ago...

xoxox k

Christine said...

Water fierce and so gentle. Never know which mood to meet.

I hope you be ok.

Loveliness and grandmother's soft parchment memories. Soon is never soon enough. Love his Mule Variantions. That voice has memories too.

mansuetude said...

Robyn, I was starting to need Noah's ark. Neruda's poem is much more sensual than what i posted, but cut it back.

Lots of water Lynne, indeed. That photo is downtown New Bern. The sun is dazzling today and miracle drug of drugs takes away so much, including PMS and PNI and the desires to move away.

Karin, so glad you liked Chilly Willy. Its a bit violent, but i saw it and thought "if he just fed the guy pancakes in the first place... so much wasted time and pain wouldn't have happened"

Someone else said, ya but there wouldn't be a story then!

Sideways rain is a pain. Construction is stressful under all conditions, even though exciting. Hope you get sun and feel better too.

Christine, Yes the water has shown some dark gray nasty this month. We got bypassed by a huge hurricane earlier in month and everyone "teased" that Hurricane Earl whimped out, so he sent a quiet Nicole storm to dump on our heads for being ungrateful.
That's what i say!

TW's voice always seems like he gargles gravel and holds back the berth of what his heart wants to say. I like the Chocolate Jesus song too.

Yes about my grandmother. She's clearer of mind than i sometimes.

blessings all.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, delicious soup and scones...won't make the rain go away but will warm the spirit and your words.
Thank you for the Tom Waits...stayed and listened for over an hour because you can't just listen to one Tom Waits!

rivergardenstudio said...

The window, the rain washed walls, images of your streets as rivers. Wind words from Neruda. Life is beautiful. roxanne

Laura said...

I love the way you carry us through your thought raw and real and perfect for anyone new to meditation to view/read....this is the process/the practice...this is what it looks like from the inside...not the calm, clear, peaceful in all moments expectations beginners are disappointed to discover "isn't it!"...this, your presentation...this "is it!"