Tuesday, November 9, 2010

memory * old
                    water (H2O)  
                                                ash affixed light

           do we drink it

                                 again    healthy     ^ 

            lip to lip resuscitate    (the  (ion s


layers said...

memory is like walking through fog with clearings here and there and yet they bring us to our here and now.

Roxana said...

this is breathtaking, as if somebody finally found a way to make an etching of memory itself...

LauraX said...

beautiful as always. truly FEELS like a memory, looking at this image.

Christine said...

Hey :-) You're here. I didn't think I'd find you here until December (I guess I made up my own little story there :-) I don't know why I thought December!)
Felt like saying hi, I'm working now (and have a deadline impationately waiting for me :-) but I'll come back for a real visit a little later.

Take care

mansuetude said...

Donna, thank you. Yes, memory brings us to here--its strange to conscioulsy try to catch so many of the old memory lightening bugs all at once as i am now trying to.

Roxana, its actually a literal place from my past; and still exists "out there" in the world, though that boat is gone, the water still flows there, the trees, the land, altered but in essence will still be there.

LauraX, thank you as always. Old photos don't move into time, but hold so much energy sometimes. Like bridges.

Hey Christine, yes December is when i should/dreamed/said I would be here, but have checked in some, been sending words/editing over the internet some days. Its almost impossible to stay off off line yet, and I am learning just how much the world (others) are tangled up with this internet expectation.

Thank you for the note!