Friday, January 28, 2011

branches of the inner heart


Months ago I heard a scientist say, live twenty or more years in relative health and you will benefit from scientific discoveries now in progress that will prolong healthy bodies way beyond what we now consider a long life.

Watch this fragment from PBS Nova. (13 minutes)
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Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

This new “vision of possibilities” shakes up concepts of the now-known world; brings questions about spiritual life, ethics, choices to be made regarding one’s "long term" future, etc..
Everything shifts.
Brand New Day Van Morrison
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 and yes blessings, and peace, and stay healthy!

* Will be away, offline through most of Febraury. Happy (sweet) Valentines Day.


Leslie said...

My dad was a director on the Human Genome Project, and I've been hearing about this stuff for years. Amazing, isn't it?

mansuetude said...

You r lucky. My mind is blown wide open by this.

kvk said...

oh my and wow.
pretty much speechless ..... xo

mansuetude said...

wait until it really starts moving ideas around inside your head, and asks you new questions about the possibilities of future now "extended" ???

LauraX said...

As a person living with MS...these are the kinds of approaches that make the possibility of one day having my myelin regenerate feel like...well...a possibility. I don't want to live forever...but it sure would be nice not to struggle the way I do because my neurons don't communicate well. I think about my daughter, and the fact that she at 14 has Crohn's disease (diagnosed at 12) and how different her life could be someday if they figure out how to repair immune systems out of balance...My brother and mother have Crohn's would be amazing for her life to be spared the kind of pain and complications that come from this disease. I don't think this is about creating humans who live forever...but I see it as an opportunity for people living with chronic illnesses to have more comfortable lives in bodies that function within the range of normal. And honestly, even with some new organs being "manufactured" in years, not decades...the availability will still be hampered by cost. To me that is more of an ethical issue... wealthier people having the financial advantage over others who need the new organs just as much.

layers said...

I TiVo Nova on PBS and have not watched that one yet-- I think the series is fabulous-- very well done.. and after your post I can't wait to go watch it.

Christine said...

I couldn't see the video - something with lack of rights in this country I call mine.
I feel old-fashioned. I don't really want to live forever.
... But then – I haven't seen the clip. Maybe I'd have a change of heart (giggles ;o)))

redredday said...

gosh this video is quite something. wanted to come and wish you a happy new year (late for 1/1/11 but early for lunar new year! :) and let you know how your presence is such a gift to me...thank you for being there and here...

watched the video earlier and i am still seeing the baby lungs and the all skin ear mouse. it's beautiful and horrifying all at once. you kind of know these things are happening but seeing it really takes you to another level of reality.

rivergardenstudio said...

Very amazing. And wishing you a sweet valentines day.
Because of you, I bought a book of Maya Angelous poems. They stir me through and through. thank you! roxanne