Monday, April 4, 2011

My greatest weapon is mute prayer.
- Ghandi

Dayna Thacker

I can't believe it is April!
Things I have witnessed, discovered along the way... all on my Tumblr, which i use as a bookmark in essence, and as a platform to go out and listen to this "cry" of what seems an endless, infinite expression of human intelligence, creativity, voice, and hunger. Personal and Political. Not sure what it all means, but my mind keeps trying to "name" what it is--overwhelming, deep, magical, profound, crass--all those images and re-bloggings of words, photos, thoughts, etc.

Dayna Thacker, found through The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Dayna Thacker, Structures
from Dayna Thacker's blog, her Instillation page, collage page structures, pivots, selfless.

Kenneth Baskin, Ceramic Sculptures

Anatomy of the Machine, “Propulsion” 2007
Soda Fired Stoneware and Steel

Kenneth Baskin, “Companions” Mid Fire Stoneware
H 15” x W 27” x D 9”

Kenneth Baskins, 20th Century Artifact Series "Anchor"
Stoneware,  H 13” x W 47” x D 12”

I love his work, see large gallery of images at Kenneth's website.


Varujan Boghosian

Border Ballad

Varujan Boghosian, Pluto


Varujan Boghosian, Racing with the Moon, 2009, mixed media, 7 3/4 x 15 1/2”

Provincetown Arts Magazine did a cover feature on V. Boghosian The Artist as Orpheus
He was friends with the poet Stanley Kunitz, so... :)
Many more collage images  Verujan Boghosian gallery of other works.
Provincetown Arts Magazine also did an interview with Mary Oliver and more.

David Knox, Photographer

David Knox, Pheasant. 
David's web page is rich with images from the Old South, USA, which is disappearing. I love his Alabama series.

As for me, we have had quite a burst of early Spring here.
At times I have been trying to write, at times I have been "warming" some Northern friends
who in turn, have also been warming me.

We have a new fox family that lives and lurks out on the rocks by the river, lovely creatures. They drive the dog howling wild. Which makes me a bit crazy, in turn.

"If we remain non-violent, hatred will die as everything does, from disuse."  -Ghandi

Peace and light and Blessings sweep through your house as the warm wind sweeps through mine today.


LauraX said...

Thank you dear one for sharing all of these beautiful works of art and wise thoughts.

ArtPropelled said...

Wonderful images and such wise words from Ghandi. I enjoyed your thoughts on Tumblr..... a bookmark .... a platform ... human expression. At times it feels like a relay race with so much happening and Tumblers passing the baton back and forth. Now I'm off to visit Kenneth's website. Good find!

Anonymous said...

That first image of Dayna Thacker has givenme the best idea.

And as for the quotes on non violence - we are working on that topic in yoga right now - ahimsa -

it makes my spine hurt!

layers said...

I love the artists you have featured here- and quotes from my hero Ghandi is the icing.

Anonymous said...

Some great words and images. Enjoying the links.

rivergardenstudio said...

Lately when I get home from work I use Tumblr as a place to unwind. It is like an art museum at my fingertips and I am torn between the art and watching the world of birds out my window.
Spring is coming here. We all long for it to stay for awhile.
I think that your family of foxes cry like the "cry...of creativity" we have calling to us.
Thank you for this and have a beautiful day today. roxanne

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

delicious eye candy.
hard to say which is my favorite, but I'm leaning towards Pluto - hmmmm, kind of like the idea of that - and the pheasant is a close second.

the Ghandi quote that I return to daily is 'be the change...." These days it feels like an imperative, not an option.

spring light and celestial blessings

mansuetude said...

LauraX, thank you and i hope you got some joy out of your warm weather yesterday.

Robyn, I love ghandi. Love your relay race thought too--your Tumblr is more like a very busy art gallery, i think. I learn a lot from your eye.

Hey grrl, yes, I like the way you say that. I think Ahimsa makes all of our spines and minds Hurt.

Layers, A very worthy, hero!

Thanks Don, enjoy your work too.

Roxanne, when i am online sometimes i look up and see the water and light and the day flowing with birds and now the appearance of the foxes, and sometimes say, What the hell are you doing on the computer when you could be walking the beach or outside! As Lynne and I once agreed last spring, Spring = PNI or Please NO Internet.

Kathy, I love that Ghandi quote too. Thanks for the reminder.

Blessings to you All.

Sophie Munns said...

just love what you wrote about tumblr M ...
it has so much more depth of field than i ever imagined.... micro/macro essentially ... the whole gamut... and interestingly... harder to edit out the crass and mundane...its tucked in around those corners!

One day a quote I posted on the soul went viral with 20 year olds. It lured me to visit their sites to muse on why this particular quote.
What it did was shift my mind around from purely seeking that which is of my own general preoccupation... to making some time to see how others travel...what are they saying through their collections... what inspires or ails them. One sees people at different ages, the younger ones searching for identity, some struggling for self-acceptance, love ... I soon found it so utterly humbling and saw this profound need we have to be with others in a true way, to be seen, witnessed.
What it offers me is movement to authenticity ... to be a curious human being... to worry less about results and external pressures ... not to pit one self against but to join with.

Your words really resonated... what a delight to visit here!

Christine said...

A beautiful and proteined post :-) So much good, nourishing art and wisdom to savour.
Thank you for this, for sharing what you see and what inspires you.
Will you say hello to Mr. Fox and his family? And to Dog (shouldn't feel left out ;-) He is family too.

»...die from disuse« This will stay with me, I can tell.

On a more ... technical note; how do you get your pdf's to open when I click the link? I've been wanting to do that for ages :-)

Happy that Spring is with you. It swung by here this weekend, but seems to have sent cooler Brother Rain now for a few days. He brings such crispyness, makes the earth smell newborn and color my cheeks pinkish and warm. He is welcome too.
Be well, sweet M

Donna Iona Drozda said...

Thank you for this...I can feel it coming through my space:

"Peace and light and Blessings sweep through your house as the warm wind sweeps through mine today."

The images you've shared are so rooted and earthy and any reference to Ghandi, Mary Oliver or Stanley Kunitz ignites my belief in our capabilites to advance and warms my heart with a passion to continue to continue.

mansuetude said...

Sophie, Love what you say, I agree with all of it, and more and more. Like everything "out there" Tumblr mirrors the All, fractured and whole; aspect for aspect. There are so many multitudes of ways of being and seeing in world! So many people sharing this experience of life, love, loss, gift, family, creativity, education, economics... endlessness structured in confounding ways.

The seeds we focus on truly grow around us. :)
Thanks for coming over.

Christine, "die from disuse" is my heart link to that phrase too. Its so true. Can't understand what you are asking about the PDF. Maybe Blogger takes care of that on its own. ? Not sure what u ask.
But, I will leave a post-it note on the tree the foxes like to sit under, and send love from you.

hope u are takin it slow.

Thanks Donna, and anyone that likes Stanley Kunitz is radiant in my book. Tap tap tap!

Blessings to u all.

Christine said...

:-)) Thanks. I'll try to do that then (let blogger do it on its own.) :-))
Thank you for leaving the post-it note, and for so much more :-)