Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tu+ plus

Two quick videos. Two very different perspectives on life, growth, death.

Varathit Uthaisri, who goes by the name Tu+

"MFA thesis project, Tu+ created Surface, this short film that features a stream of anonymous New Yorkers going about their daily lives, shown from below, as if through a translucent floor." Warning, Not a Hollywood ending.


Growing Is Forever... very tender and moving

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

found via  Radiacoes

"We often ask, What's Wrong? Doing so, we invite painful seeds of sorrow to come up and manifest. We feel suffering, anger, and depression, and produce more such seeds. We would be much happier if we tried to stay in touch with the healthy, joyful seeds inside us and around us. We should learn to ask, What's not wrong? and be in touch with that."  Thich Naht Hanh
It is a beautiful day, sweet cut grass in the air, birdsong, and thoughts of "you" and the shared brilliance, the peace on earth already planted within us--each to each.
Peace blessings joy to all who enter here


La Dolce Vita said...

the thich naht hanh quote is so awesome... and i think it says it all for both films. for me the first is the way life is and the second is also the way life is and it is all beautiful... xx

LauraX said...

oh I am so in love with the second video...(the first was so painful...but as Cat says, also the way life is)

Thank you so much for sharing these artistic gems.

Anonymous said...

Very cool video -
is it animation?

or really shot from beneath.
Love the build up of intensity.

soraya nulliah said...

I love that quote...I will carry it into my days ahead:)

mansuetude said...

La Dolce Vita, I think you summed it up perfectly. All is what it is!

Laura, I didn't love the ending to the first but adored the idea of maybe the streets we walk on are watching, or aware of us. The earth, the stones by extention a conscious realm we forget we are acting on, upon.

The second video really touched my heart.

grrl, it didn't occur to me about the animation. I thought a stage with plexiglass or that new glass you can walk on now--then someone shooting from beneath with intense lighting on top --the end parts with the city peiced together maybe with a digital program of what they had... the end is a smack. Love the transparency.

Sayora, I love Thich Nhat Hanh. If only he and Ghandi had been teaching the world, at early ages, what a place we would know.

Blessings to you All.

ArtPropelled said...

Two extraordinary videos! I have always thought of mists resting in treetops as holy. The second video really touched me. Thanks M and what a great quote to carry with me today.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Fascinating...from the quote to these very different and perfect videos...Life, all a treasure. thank you.

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

perfect dichotomy wrapped up and tied with a bow of deep wisdom

as always - thanks for your unique perspective.

blessings - k

Christine said...

This was very mindblowing!
Last night I read Plath. Morning song, and was fine. The Couriers, and was left shaped as a huge questionmark. I smiled, and thought of you. In need of poetry help :-))) Quite some time (and a lot of google) later, I was straightened out a little more. Four poems later, I was so sad. Shall only read very little Plath at a time.
Celebrating sweet grass from here to there :-)

rivergardenstudio said...

-and now I find another post from you which I somehow missed. Again you share so much with us. The first video is incredibly creative and disturbing, the second beautiful and soft and strong (and sad). I am sending a link to my computer at school. I think my little students should soak in these redwoods and hear these words.
(I went to college in the redwoods at Humboldt State in northern California. Have you been there?)
And how are your foxes, your beach and spring breezes. It is STILL rainy here. The earth must be very thirsty.

rivergardenstudio said...

Had to tell you that I showed the
Growing video to my class and they were awestruck, there was total silence. That said so much! roxanne