Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fantastical Vision: John Frame


John Frame "Three Fragments of a Lost Tale" currently playing at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California from March 12 through June 20, 2011.  This Lost Tale came to the artist as Vision at night and he created it detail by detail.

Or watch in HD at

2 :  John Talks about having a "vision" in which the whole tale comes to him

3 :

I hope you "like" the imagination and emotional expression of these as much as I did.

Spread the word, ways to supprot the project, here


Also found this week, Didier Mahieu Exhibition which shows varied  images of "the making" of the art.

Lots of stuff on my Tumblr too
I hope you are all well. Blessings. Peace to all who enter here
(Thank God the Tornados are over!)


I said to the Almond tree,
"Sister, speak to me of God."
And the almond tree blossomed.

-Nikos Kazantzakis from here


Kathy Van Kleeck said...

OH MY GOD! Truly really incredible and extraordinary and stunning and wow, just amazing. Thank you so much for these links - John Frame, deeply inspirational.

p.s. the tumblr link sends one to the sign in page, not your page

mansuetude said...

I would love to see this up close after watching shorter video of him making the dolls, and talking about art. Then to hear he was Inspired by a Vision, that was YES! the video really moves me, and makes me think.

Glad you liked. BLessings.

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Oh yes, me like very very much!

Okay, curiouser and curiouser ... I forwarded the John Frame links to Dave who's in grad school on-line and is in a two person team this semester with a woman who, okay this is where it goes all twilight zone, lives in the same town as and knows John Frame, had his wife as a teacher in grade school and went to school with his daughters. What are the chances of that?

I think that this must be synchronicity at it's best - for absolutely no reason other than how friggin' cool is that? Wowie zowie universe - thank you!


p.s. a lifelong dream of mine - develop and chronicle an in-depth personal mythology, tap into that deeply submerged knowing and translate it into storied jewels. I'm getting pretty close, n'cest pas?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

mansuetude said...

Kathy--that's cool!
Not overly shocked these days. :)
I think JFrame is such an inspiration because having had the vision he went forward everyday to make it "a reality" in wood and material. I have had fantastical visions and try to write them but that kind of making has always seemed beyond me, and now i am seeing a new. Plus, He brought a huge amount of collective unconscious and pure symbols of story without words mostly. Its timeless. I think it is a keeper! On the level of The Wizard of Oz.

He has a link on his blog to Support, and asks people to talk it and to contribute or later buy a print or a relic. So talk it up!!!

Don. I thought you might like it too. You being so creative!


Christine said...

What a mindblowing vision. Very moving in several ways.
Loved the films, and the photos on your Tumblr too.

Bonus quote. Googled Niklos Kazantzakis. Believe I shall read more by him ...

Thanks once again for loads of good stuff


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I love the mix on your tumblr and I will be back to truly 'take-in' the John Frame.

LauraX said...

Blown away!!! I wrote this down: "What is the work about? The real answer is, it isn't about anything and that's not to say its meaningless, rather that it carries its own way and in its own terms--and I really think (THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART) understand that meaning, is by looking and letting go of thinking."

Thank you so much for bringing this artist to our attention...I can't wait to share this with others!

rivergardenstudio said...

This video is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, To me it seems to speak of sadness and hope, all together. I am in awe. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I want to watch this 100 times and thenwrite down every word he says.

Not only that, but over on Marylinn's blog, I mentioned a pivotal experience at age 11 while reading a book that shook me to the core and I KNEW I had to make things.
That my life would be tormented if my hands were not engaged in the making of.. I didnt know what at that stage, but just..MAKING.

The clip and work of John Frame brings that feeling back in rushes for me...


Christine said...

Sunshine and balloon-rides, marshmellows and bird-chirping, warm sand between toes and a silent melody of grassy smell...
:) xo

Sharmon Davidson said...

wow! this art is fantastic; I love seeing how they make it! thanks for sharing these artists with us!

Don Madden said...

What a great video. Thanks for sharing.

Sophie Munns said...

Just wanted to say I love that quote about the almond tree ...wrote it down once...cant remember where it came from...