Monday, May 2, 2011

just a small quick note

Joan Miro at Tate Modern



Watching this tribute I thought to myself, Where is the "vitality" of a man?

Is it in the art, the artifacts he or she creates, leaves behind. Or in the intensity and wellspring of being--the joy and the sparks of transformation one initiates through passion, through living presence.

The answer is not stable, but a movable feast.
And so, too are we.

Miro "worked like a monk in the cell of a cathedral."

And are we "still" enough to witness, to see, to truly appreciate. All the gesture, the line, the color, the scented intensity of a pause, all of it meaning  when attended. Our attenion fixes the heart there, into the gazed upon, the attention like a pulse feeling and feeding a fellow pulse, merging with it, a moment. stilling.

a.) self portrait (i am the water splurg-l-ing all over)
b.) a new smile yoga teacher
c.) our natural state of being
d.) all of the above
found here
+ enjoyed these Peter Skubic, Jewlery
+ also, Mari Ishikawa
+ tornado damage from Alabama last week (move mouse over images to see the earth shift
Peace and blessings and if i could package up this temperate spring air today i send it with all the honeysuckle it sweetly carries through local time and space.


soraya nulliah said...

Yes! Great question! I think our vitality springs from both...the cat of creating and the thing we ourSELVES create. That's why...when we look at great piece of art created eons ago...we can be moved to tears and feel the life force still residing inside. When I was in India, I saw pieces of sculpture that were hundreds of years old and...they were alive as anything. Love the elephant in the water sculpture...

layers said...

What a question to ponder-- is art in the act of creating? or the finished product-- for Miro it is obvious it was in the creating- the acts- the movements of the artist. As I work more quietly, my actions is in my brain, my thinking - the act of moving collage papers around until they feel right. Your words are beautiful in their thought provoking ways.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Subtle yet perfect question...the art of mind and hand and heart.
Here we have a strong scent of ocean and Redwood groves but honeysuckle...not so much...Spring delight...enjoy!

Anonymous said...


my favourite is "scented intensity"

it rolls around the mouth like a good cab sav.

Anonymous said...

What are we? What is Art? The doing? The end result? A great question.

The Alabama images are very frightening.

andrea tachezy said...

Mari Ishikawa´s work is great! Thank you for it and Na zdravĂ­! :-)

rivergardenstudio said...

Thank you so much for the Miro video, his vitality was his art and they seemed to me, as one. I would have loved to meet him and visit his studio. And I am so moved by his three, the hope of the condemned man, I could cry.
As you move into your summer, and spring moves into me, I wish you vitality! roxanne

Christine said...

Your words and questions are beautiful, and mind-opening.
Thank you for everything in this post, and please receive flowers and lilac smell of blooming trees from here to you.
All of the above. Thank you :-)
:-) xo

mansuetude said...

Saroya, It IS amazing how some sculpture older than we can seem so alive and vital so full of soul.
That elephant has my heart for sure!

Donna, i love the idea that your "action is in your brain" because i have never thought of that in this way. but this is true too. Writing is also an action in the brain, perhaps or all of it, the heart the mind and the beauty balance wheels that know and sing harmony.

mansuetude said...

Hello Blue Sky, I am so glad you are having the scent of Redwoods, which sounds delicious. Enjoy the spring.

Grrl, thank you and that sounds delicious too. It made me laugh because i just posted a line of Tumblr before i got it about a glass of Red. Merlot for mm!

Don, the Tornado season has been hard on the South, and after seeing those images and knowing the warnings are headed my way and eratic, its frightening at times.

mansuetude said...

Andrea, it is WOnderful to hear from you and Na Zdravi and Cheers too!

Roxanne, I would love to go to Miro's studio and to have met his vitality for life too. Even though he was a monkish type his work was full of energy and play, which is power in play.

I wish you great Vitality too.

Christine, I accept! Lilac is something i love and though it grew in the geography of childhood just about now, it is not much down here where i live. Thank you.

Blessings to you all.

Karin Bartimole said...

beautiful post. I've come by numerous times now, to watch the video (love Miro), read and ponder your questions, enjoy the vitality of both very different artists you've directed us to, and view the power of nature and her devastating consequences... i agree, the answer is not stable - the vitality is in the all of it, especially with someone like Miro, who had so much passion in his work that the energy continues to live on in his art, the people who knew him, and the spaces he inhabited. powerful. thank you!

Christine said...

:-))) haha - I get my English from movies. Makes me able to be a lucky punk :-))) could have been German and not been able to post semi- offending blogtitles (in Germany they don't subtitle, but use Dubbing :-))) No, you weren't really offended, were you? Didn't mean to. But you know this.
Is Friday treating you well? Sending you sunshine and peace of heart. And of mind. Your toes in the water today?

Marjojo said...

My elderly computer stops at letting me watch videos, but hope to get to Tate Modern and see the show - expect to be swept away by someone who has followed his own vision.
The little elephant has something of the buddha about him, doesn't he. Wish for that joyful abandonment, found it momentarily at seaside a few weeks ago, childlike pleasure and wonder harder in every day life, isn't it. Open heart, open mind. It begins here.

Marjojo said...

Glad you wanted to tumble from that review! Thanks for asking.

LauraX said...

are we still enough...can we be? Yes, yes, yes...but it is a practice we must cultivate "silent" we learn to "listen"...and there we find our vitality, the essence of all being...and creativity flows.

rivergardenstudio said...

I am here again, was just at Robyn's blog and saw your comment and was picturing you, and all of us really, surrounded by books and words, from our own hand and others, and how can be so moved by another's story. Hard to explain, but thinking of you today!
The summer is soft this morning, the river is still and green.
The happy elephant makes me smile.