Tuesday, April 3, 2012

no finality of vision


Maren Hassinger, Whirling. Wire and wire rope

I went for a walk over the dunes again this morning
to the sea, ... the walk liberating, I was released from forms,

from the perpendiculars, straight lines,
blocks, boxes, binds of thought
into the hues, shadings, rises, flowing bends and blends

          of sight: ...

Maren Hassinger, Walking

I have reached no conclusions, have erected no boundaries,
shutting out and shutting in, separating inside
      from outside: I have

       drawn no lines: as manifold events of sand
change the dune's shape that will not be the same shape

Maren Hassinger, Wrenching News. New York Times shredded twisted.

so I am willing to go along, to accept
the becoming thought, to stake off no beginnings or ends
establish  no walls: ...

risk is full: every living thing in
siege: the demand is life, to keep life: ...

Maren Hassinger, Remembering preserved rose leaves, cot, pillow

I will try
     to fasten into order enlarging grasps of disorder,
                scope, but enjoying the freedom that
Scope eludes my grasp, that there is no finality of vision,

Maren Hassinger

that I have perceived nothing completely,
that tomorrow a new walk is a new walk.
- A.R.Ammons, from "Corson's Inlet"


The shutter button on my camera broke in Florida last October. I choose to not send it out for repair right away, to stop myself shooting images and use that time for other focusing.  That 6 month period has been like a skip of stones, skimming hop hop hop-ripple ripple across placid water. Time of no-time. Good time. Life time.

                 Hope you are all well.



Christine said...

:-))) Love your broke cam focus=life focus at the end :-)
And wow—very wonderful Ammons. Went straight inside.

Hassinger as well; beautiful!

Happy easter/holidays. Happy April. Taking time ON :-)
Lets. Take a walk.

Sunshine and mellowness. Peace and quiet. And blessings.
8·) xo

Laura said...

so beautiful...I can feel the undulation of your musings through your words, feel the steps over the dunes and the sands shifting...inner exploration is vast and healing. May you continue to open to the boundless nature of thoughts rising and falling like the sands and the sea.

layers said...

I love the last paragraph of your post..your own words are the best.

Anonymous said...

Must have needed those words. Feeling balanced again. Thank you

Caterina Giglio said...

with Donna all the way, love your little end note, ps... about choosing to take some conscious time... yes
and oh my those leaves strung together, makes me smile... xx

Gracia said...

"I went for a walk over the dunes again this morning
to the sea"

How I like this opening line...

Thérèse said...

A very nice work of Mary Hassinger presented here. Interesting to look at and to read about.
Thks for visiting Chandler Addendum which is an addition to Tournefeuille a to z...

Diane AZ said...

I love Hassinger's work, especially her "Wrenching News." Six months without your camera, how brave! Every now and then I leave my camera home when I go for a walk and I'm never sorry.

Anonymous said...


such is your tenacity. I felt like a lost button when my camera broke.

Wandering. Hope the refocussing was rich for you.

Betty Manousos@ CUT and DRY said...

these are all great! i love hassinger's work, it's really brilliant!

thanks for sharing.
very interesting post, thank you.

nancy neva gagliano said...

aw. the walks. our muse. ever important.
nature talk/silence/sounds of the
outer into us.

(the juxtaposition:
sometimes i see more with the camera,
sometimes without it.
stopping the 'shooting'.and entering
a peaceful, slow place when i do take it out.)

rivergardenstudio said...

The call of a morning walk, the way words rhyme with our steps, fast or slow, and stay within us until we write them down.
A morning walk is what I need.
I love the poem, and your words especially too.
And Maren Hassinger's heart like prayer flags.
'Time of no-time'
of walking and thinking.
I love knowing you are there.

Judy Martin said...

These lines of poetry
These objects that illustrate

I know they are not your very own, but you have placed them. You have curated them.

El Anatsui said on Art 21 the other night, that the world is in a state of seige. I feel that. I can see, hear that you feel that.

I need my camera to help me to see.
I have not thought of going without it - of having a time of no-time. Would it really work?

Thanks for introducing me to Maren Hassinger's work.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very liberating to let go of form and boundaries

ArtPropelled said...

"I went for a walk over the dunes again this morning to the sea" .... As we prepare for a week at the Wild Coast I am feeling such an almighty pull toward the ocean and these words are exactly what i needed to read this morning. "..into the hues, shadings, rises, flowing bends and blends of sight" ....Sweet words indeed! Mary Hassinger's work filled a gap for me too. Enjoying the thought of a skip of stones ... across placid water..... and my own thoughts skipping across serene days... and pools in the Autumn sunshine. Thanks for this post M.

Shayla said...

Lovely. The way you've gathered these thoughts about time and the present. I'm also struck by the first image especially. They remind me of tree roots, women's skirts. Tree women with skirts...

mansuetude said...

thanks everyone for coming over.

I fell in love with this poem, and thought most of you would understand. Not using a camera, its still making meaning in me. The world is flooded with images. All of them talking, asking attention.

Shayla, i AM aware that image reminds me of Jekyll Island Georgia. South of Savannah. Lots of old tree roots, huge. visually lovely

I really have to get back down there.

Donna Iona Drozda said...

I agree with Layers...your words are golden and so timely.

Desiree said...

That was special!

Sophie Munns said...

a fine time to visit here and be touched by both words and image... thank you!
many wonderful days and walks to you!

layers said...

What beautiful words... I can feel the sand below my feet.. undulating seaweeds, shifting sand and sights as the sky changes every minute. and your own words at the end.. lovely.

Marjojo said...

I have reached no conclusions, have erected no boundaries,

shutting out and shutting in, separating inside

from outside: I have

drawn no lines:

Thanks so much for introducing me to this poet. I thought at first they were your words, your blog is infused with the same beautiful open spirit.

rivergardenstudio said...

I am back, seeing new things here, whirling shapes and roots that stretch out. I am wishing you well too, you with such a beautiful soul...
happy may.

pRiyA said...

Your blog is a sacred virtual space for contemplation and inspiration. The few times that I've visited, I've always left feeling enriched. I don't want to quickly browse through the posts, I want to make time and go through the beauty of the words and images here carefully, which I will.
Thank you for creating this wonderful space.

layers said...

hi... I hope you are well and doing okay. thanks for leaving comments at my blog.

soraya nulliah said...

I loved reading...contemplating...breathing your post in. Your words and images hold me in a sacred space...suspended...like a sweet meditation. Thank you...for sharing this with us...I needed exactly this today. xxx