Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a wonderful rare wonderful

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Franz Kafka’s "A Country Doctor" short film by Kōji Yamamura. 
Voiced by kyōgen actors of the Shigeyama house. 20 min.
Or view 7m part 1 here, 2, 3.
Freshly stolen from The Paris Review Tumblr post today.
Beautiful, profound, intense and a scrambling to logical mind. Be prepared.

(Kafka's translated text : many interpretations

"The child is like a little hill of silence.
On this little hill of silence suddenly the word appears.
... The language of the child is silence transformed into sound.
The language of the adult is sound that seeks for silence.
Children--the little hills of silence--are scattered about everywhere in the world of words, reminding men of the origin of speech."

Max Picard from The World of Silence

Can I still wish you all a Happy New Year. Can it start right now, this new thing? New dreams new energy new life. Breath for breath, we are so linked in our creation(s

Peace to all who enter here


mansuetude said...

"One doesn't know the sorts of things one has stored in one's own house."

(Is not sized right. Just double click or go to Utube to see properly.

lynne h said...

yes, let's start right now; this moment...

wishing you a happy new year, M...


mansuetude said...

This moment, breath for breath for breath, this moment

happy new year Lynne.

Laura said...

ok... this is a must come back to view carefully post.... and I will:-)

ArtPropelled said...

"One doesn't know the sorts of things one has stored in one's own house." .... I like that.
A happy Happy new year to you Mansuetude.

merci33 said...

I look forward to sitting down and watching this later today...it's synchronistic...I've been pondering a Kafka favorite recently..."You need not leave your room, sit quietly at your table and wait, you need not even wait just be still and solitary, the world will roll in ectasy at your feet." (apologies if I didn't get that exact '-)

rivergardenstudio said...

I am wishing you a happy new day and month and year as well. I love the World of Silence too, and my moments of silence, and this moment.

layers said...

I am intrigued by your post and will look into more by Max Picard. the small bit you included here is wonderful.. much to think about.
happy new year to you too.