Saturday, December 29, 2007

> does water thirst <

I used to ask this alot:

Does water thirst?

Or being water, does it just offer itself up to the thirsty?
Meaning, that we express what we are...

My water cracker is an oxymoron... it can't quench anything; I mean you can eat the word "WATER" but until its made of a pure/exact intention to be water--it is not water.

To feed the world--?
I keep thinking today about assasinations, (guns/hate) about how the media (which I have purposely not listened to for about 6 months now) TALKS about things... and I think, their talk is not = of water; not clean enough to drink. Their talk is of ick, from a wrong angle...I can smell dead thing floating in it, the past (poison).

The media feeds me words mashed like dead beatle casings, hollow of any living twitch towards the things that should be said. Most of it couldn't even crawl away into a new thought, not if it were a roach looking for food. How will we reach the new place, when we speak the same scratched over scratched out eye of a dream? It makes me ache.

Water... it can't be faked.
The world is thirsty... i am holding an empty, empty
glass and I look at my culture, its minds, its hopes, dreams (wealth spilled all over the streets) and nothing, nothing is
the sound, the clarity
of water... i seek : seek.
--- > <

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