Sunday, December 30, 2007

{ happiness Is all year ...*& @ in You~! }

The world is full of of dreams, goods. Don't get snared on some rusty nail someone left to snag your heart as if it were a cheap string without mooring.
< ~ ~ ~ >
dear heart~

forever opening... forgive me
if i made you an orphanage
of sorts--
to so many (little hands and beds and needs)
when you are wealth and bounty.
(i misunderstand so much)

~ in the new year, help me to love better
and not to fear
the overwhelming
sense that makes me think you are falling apart

when you are really only stretching (re-stitching)
to make more room for love...
to keep my hands gentle, tending.

dear heart~ you are as the ever ripening
flower of humanity, your fragrance seeps
through every gesture
of touch and speech,
please ~ help me to imprint the inner thing.

~ in the new year, help me to forgive
every act against the flesh of peace
so i may walk above the graves
laid out where vultures cast shadows and circle
as if to lay raw eggs within
our greatest hopes, the future

lanternish (we)
burn brighter... sing the grace
already singing in the great tree, call it

this Love ~ dear heart
help me to receive
its promised ecstacy ... its bounty,
new light, pleased and willing
to walk again beside me
(inside me) & all humanity . . .

~ dear heart~ please ^ forgive me

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