Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the Peace we already hold

There is a peace we all wish for, and express to each other--Peace on Earth.

I believe we already have it. Peace is ours. If we step aside from the chaotic waves we are sending out--if we STOP and honor that the world itself runs on a peaceful momentum, it spins days and nights, offers us its grandeur.

The word IS beautiful, peaceful. We dwell in circles and circles of peace. We breathe peace, speak peace... if...,
if we can accept it.
It is already in us. With us.

It is we who disturbed it.
* Peace * who is always willing to fogive us, already willing to give itself like a great eternal lover. You must go into its room, its bed, or better yet recognize you are already there; in its arms; guaranteed
(all the goods of life) by the simplest fact are alive.

Try this. Scream into the sky--the noise (your plea) rises and dies. Silence returns. Listen... deep within, until you hear your own pulse and your heart blood's wealth open through you. Breathe, and go beneath it. Go (with attention) inward.

Surprised at last by this: you already are
peace on earth. Whisper it outloud
in tones the heart hears; say it to the one other who will share this dream ... peace is ALREADY with you & me... peace...peace...peace... it already breathes and is beside us all the way.
Share this with me, please, if just for one day, Believe
each of us is already a small part (heart to heart) of world peace.

I think this is one of life's big, big secrets.

) ( also a song: NINA SIMONE Here comes the Sun!

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