Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tori Amos and Kate Bush... etc

expressed breaths

I Love (its nice to write this.)

I love this dialogue of sorts between Tori Amos and Kate Bush. It's like two poets calling back and forth through time, answering each other's echo... and cry. Kate was around first. I like Tori's timing, and her willingness to play with vocal inflection and emotion--unafraid.

A friend once kidnapped me for a weekend (her mom was dying of breast cancer and would sometimes ask, "who are you?"). She really wanted to introduce me to Tori Amos. We had front row seats in a really old music hall. I still remember the energy in the place. I have never seen a woman perform with so much energy, so in sync with her own life force, channel it into her art. (Maybe Ricki Lee Jones) It was amazing, we got to talk with Tori after the show, she was really generous.

Tori's story, transformation from preacher's daughter towards an authentic life. Its really hard sometimes for women to escape childhood and the psychological binding of parent's...maybe Tori did...(*_). She plies the threads of all the relgious iconography (which upsets some) but its more likely she's fighting just to breathe from under a huge weighty shadow cast on us (madonna, matron : whore, bitch) (?) all printed on us in the name of Religion.

Here is an interview. Enjoy. Love Tori's version of REM's Losing my Religion and these: God and Silent all these years and one on 9-11... and yes, that tear in your hand.

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gonzo said...

I have every Tori Amos CD ever made. And I love Kate Bush as well.

Great female artists. Check out Laurie Anderson sometime.