Thursday, January 24, 2008

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My whole being is a dark psalm
that in itself repeats you
to the Dawn, to the blossoms, to all that eternally grows,
it will take you...

Maybe life is that one pent up moment
when I look into your eyes
and in their depths I see myself standing alone
among the ruins
and under the spell of this feeling
I mingle you with the wisdom of the moon
which shines light, holds back the darkness
(because) in a room the size of lonliness
my heart is the size of love...

~ Farough Farokhzad (1935-1967) Iranian poet.

To all, peace and health...


la casita de wendy said...

great pictures, great selection!

mansuetude said...

Thank you so much! I just visited your blog (and made a link) your work is so beautiful, fresh.

Janet said...

Such beautiful words and images, sometimes complex but yet so simple,and completely inspiring!Your niece and the mark I want to find something to box and pass on. Just Thank you....

mansuetude said...

yes, thank you for your kind words... I only thought of the beatuy mark connection and the box after i was full of her giggles last night... i think i will ask her, and we can do it together, since she will surely have responsibility to find the next of us with the mark.

andrea tachezy said...

I like this video very much. I always wonder, how strong can the simply made things can be.
And the photo with Camilla´s tea-towels ( is that well written? ) is really funny.

mansuetude said...

i know. Found that tea towel thing someplace else and laughed so hard!

Don't know what you are asking about the writing exactly? I go look?

andrea tachezy said...

I mean - tea towels. I was lazy to find it on Camillas´s blog and wasn´t sure if I wrote the word it well.But now in your answer, I can see it!

cally said...

beautiful images, beuatiful words x