Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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moth and mountain
"What would happen if one woman told the truth about herself? The world would split open." ~Muriel Rukeyser
Little matters when the essential engine of our lives--the body--fails. Once I almost drown. Yesterday while showering water ricocheted into my inhale and my throat closed. Can you spell p-a-n-i-c ? My lungs started heaving inside against the locked windpipe. I couldn't scream, couldn't make my throat open, ...
the rest of this post at Tumbleword's other site: on breathing, and being alive.


Christine said...

I like the light in these pictures. Really weird, the top one. I like it

mansuetude said...

Thank you... the top isn't so weird, its like the cold conscious mind hanging over our life and watching--we are the warm heart to our logic.

andrea tachezy said...

Now I had time for reading the rest of the post.It is so truth! Yes, we all forget, that the life can end every second.And that we should enjoy
every moment of it.How powerless can man sometimes feel.

mansuetude said...

yes, we run and rush about trying to forget how temporary life here is... but we still glow!

cally said...

such strong images and true words, they speak directly to my life in this moment.

mansuetude said...

Thanks Cally: its nice to hear you are out exploring! My brother has health troubles, and so it is in my thoughts often, how much i take for granted! {peace--to all of us}!