Saturday, January 19, 2008

~ ~ snow's white wisdom ~ drifting ...

unwrapped gift "yes"
It is snowing outside whispy white half slanted and a wonder to me since it rarely snows here... I have been spending time with these yellow flowers and their golden rod greenery. It seems i like the little nets the flowers came in more than the thing itself--i undressed half of them to spill open and left the others to sit in nets of various undress. For now. It reminds me we are flowers and also netted to our own individual sanctuary of self, secret scrolls of text ... wanting to unroll, to give the deepest soulful aspects of our selves, though we stay safe mostly, and scratch at the surface of our living (often) crying door to gift.
Links and more: poetry, Nabakov, crystal link, etc at Tumbleword's other site... Peace..


scaredy-cat said...

Your photos are like poems.

Thanks for your comment on my latest post, it made me feel better.

mansuetude said...

thank you too, its nice to hear.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

No photo of your snowman?

mansuetude said... snowman is only a dream... so far, only a little snow and then rain... your snow woman shouldn't melt till one great snow man is made for her ... : P

Jessica said...

thank you so much for coming by my blog so much. this picture is beautiful and really delightful. Makes me wish it was spring and not 27 degrees outside!