Monday, February 11, 2008

~formations : heart (on melting

formations: heart about to b(eat)

formations: heart 2 wet with light

formations: heart growing (fat among friends)
The heart has its own inner melting, perhaps we drink its royal drips the way dew once softened the earth with is balm. I often wonder, if light actually glows from inside some people--that radience on a face; a face in love or a pregant woman; you can see it. I have witnessed it on some people, just sitting with them, another kind of glow transpired between us and the eye was able to glimpse it.
Valentines is coming. I have grown rather bored of it. 365 days of the year is Valentines enough for me! You ?
A little thing going around. Old version.
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Peace and light, and heart to all who enter here.


Mary-Laure said...

I'm with you - I don't like Valentine's day, I mean, a day to celebrate love, who needs an official day for that? Not to mention the corny candy boxes and flowers sold everywhere...

andrea tachezy said...

Perfect!I really don´t like it!And it is not even a tradition here, for me it seem just like a celabration for those, who can make some money from selling stupid red kitsch.

Christine said...

Nope -- not so much for me, either. It's a rather new thing here in DK as well, mostly boosted by florists and chocolateers, i think. It's ok for those who like it, I think -- but I wont go nuts if Valentines pass me by:))
I like your pictures:)

Marie-Louise said...

I like actually your ice’s pictures. The trance stylish and the feeling of perishable. Here in the middle of Sweden its so warm so here be no ice presently and it does not feel good.
I have read quite a lot of Doris Lessing this week, “The fifth child” and “Ben in the World”, is actually interesting. Which choices characterize our lives and what sheep it pursues consequences?
I will from now try to speak little more English and I hope that you can understand what I mean…
And Valentine… it is a commercial day but I like to the hearts in clay…and I keep them in my studio and in our store all the time.

mansuetude said...

Happy Valentines day to all of you girls!! ;)

(i couldn't resist)