Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visit: Jackman Maine

Some images of a trip my brother in law sent from Maine where I spent a lot of my childhood camping, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc.

The Canadian Hilton. A Very "swanky" name for rustic!

Jackman Maine, an old town almost into Canada. People just drive around on snow machines.

They set out on ski mobiles from the above little house and drove for miles and miles. Saw nobody. Seventeen miles from Canada but you can't cross into Canada since 9 -11 without a passport. I bet you could sneak in if you knew where to. The borders are not that safe.

When six guys go away for a weekend without a woman to look at, they nick-name the only hill they find "the breast" ! Here it is. Mother nature, giving a peek of her breast for the guys. ;)

After driving around with images of a breast, its nice to find an old farmhouse with a nice meal, drinks and warm fire inside. Here is an old typical New England farmhouse. .

Bill likes old tools and things like this; an old painted sign,

Trails out into the white. They saw about 12 deer, and though this area is close to Moosehead lake (where I spent a lot of early childhood camping and fishing, they saw no Moose.)

The snow was 5 ft deep. One of the snow mobiles broke and they stopped in a little shack the size of a kitchen which had a bar in it. They stayed there 4 hours drinking beer, eating Reuben sandwiches (corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and some rich dressing) until one of the other ski mobiles came back with help. One guy said, that if anyone had a heart attack out in these woods the guy would sadly just die--because there is nobody or no place to take the wounded. Imagine.
I hope to post better images at TUMBLEWORD"S other site, these are too small and dark; (but the other blog is sloggy, it won't do anything I want of it right now). PS : girls,If you ever want (or expect gifts for Valentines DO NOT post about "growing out of it" in any place where someone might see it... : 0 (ahhhmmm i still like treats! ;)
Peace and health to all who enter in here. The flu is going around the blogs! Virus softwear doesn't help.


karin said...

Yes, this is what I call a real winter.
Sounds like your childhood was great, doing all these outdoor-survival-things.
Virus software - would be an idea pehaps.

mansuetude said...

hi Karin, hope the flu leaves your house soon. Maybe we should try that story idea with one or two lines, then tag someone to pass it on and add two lines.?

saloia said...

i havent seen that much snow in awhile!

...and yes a treat is definitely always appreciated. :)

ps..(we really have no idea how old that azinheira is?))


mansuetude said...

yes, Mary, i haven't seen that much snow in a while either. That is why i post it, because there were times I lived in that white light and little crystaline happiness of cold--to return to my mother's hot cocoa and thaw out!

If we could grow as old as the tree you posted, humanity might grow wiser. Don't you think?

gracia said...

Beautiful photos rendered all the more beautiful by their unfamiliarity to me. Here it is all bright light and the end of summer.
take care, g

Esti said...

All that snow!! I really miss watching the snow fall from the window of a heated room... Those pictures are really great! White wide open photos... I'm jealous!

Marie-Louise said...

I love snow, but here is nobody…
Which delicate photographs!

Mary-Laure said...

I spent lots of summers in Maine too! My godfather and his family where living in Bar Harbor and we'd visit every summer...

Alexandra Hedberg said...

oh, snow. That I miss. We had only one day of snow this winter.

mansuetude - how do you manage to be everywhere on every blog leaving long and well thought through comments? And have two blogs? I'm impressed; does your days have more then 24 hours?