Friday, February 15, 2008

~ white memory : silent eyed

bursting dream
... Have you thought as you walk, late, late, the streets of a town
Of all dreams being dreamed in dark houses? What do they signify?
Yes, message on message, like wind or water, in light or in dark,
the whole world pours at us. But the code book, somehow, is lost.
~ fragment from Robert Penn Warren: "Code Book Lost"
"We walk in silence, out into a white so brilliant I feel it enter my eyes and erase, erase all of my small life."
This, at TUMBLEWORD'S other site, a post about walking with my father across a frozen lake. A small white memory.
Peace and Health to all who enter here.


rachel said...

love the photo on the bottom.. so fragile.

marie-louise said...


Esti said...

These pictures are so soulful... You have a poet inside, but that you already know.

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, is that your dog? He's so cute!!!