Sunday, February 17, 2008

~ 100 million year old bee


What if I or you are really a 100 million year old bee found sipping flowers.!?
a word that breathes distinctly
has not the power to die. ~ Emily Dickinson
My post is at TUMBLEWORD"S other site--about us, about 100 million year old honey making us, buzzing living, sipping flowers in the setting called life--this; now. What eye of amber (eternal) light drenched
witnesses our creative pulse, our living impulse to love.

Peace and Health to all who enter here and travel the blogs. :)


Marie-Louise said...

It is so difficult to take it easy thought one both wants and must…
I am actually wretched on English but I assume that you understands the better than when I speak on Swedish (Thanks for your comment!). Your photos are wonderful!

mansuetude said...

marie-louise, I love your comments, the way you use english is full of life and surprise. I need to learn some of your language, honestly!