Monday, February 18, 2008

salt rain-ing grains

Can anyone tell me why I am so happy!?
we enter into the world, naked and shining; everything alive is ours--
and in time like a gnarled branch weathered thick
with whatever bark we need to grow
we settle low, dark, deep within our own souls.
we can wake up, look out and think I am alive.
like the first time we opened
to the world. alive and shining.
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.Peace. Take a deep-deep breath before you leave.
Breathe in Spring.


Mary-Laure said...

Beautiful, dreamy picture. It's so strange to see that upside down figure with the yellow coat and the big umbrella.

Esti said...

Mansuetude, you are happy because you sound like a happy person. You sound optimistic and deeply in love with live around us. I hope it is so. I wish you the best.

mansuetude said...

Mary-laure, yes...i am glad you saw her. I found it interesting, though i might have better versions of her blurred upside down self. She is such an icon.

Esti- you are so kind, poetic, yourself. Thanks.

Janet said...

Life, hope, sounds,smells, light, colour and love....want more? I am feeling the same and I am finding so much joy in a daily walk feeling all of the above. I like visiting here a lot. Another thing making me happy. So Thank you!

Marie-Louise said...

Lucky you to have been born with a good mood. I am also most glad and think that the days feels excited and funny. Just when I lay on the hospital I meet so many that had got difficult disease. Then I became still more grateful…I think always that it is interesting to read your thoughts, both here and the comments on other blogs. Perhaps I do not consider exactly all nuances. My own English do you already know…

Maria said...

Good that you're happy! I feel happy too, it's been a great week so far.
Hope you have a great week aswell:)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

yes, nice that you're happy! I'm mostly happy too, but right now I'm mostly sleepy...