Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~ playing music as we drive

little red ride: rhythms

little red ride: passing ghost of self
Have been writing; or writing has been kidnapping me--it must happen to everyone sometimes. I feel I have been taken into an "under world" of whispers and wants; of a place where deep dark earth and a tree that speaks rhythms is asking me to see into the sky around me; to translate the pictures.Yesterday it felt all blocked for most of the day, like a dead door or soul was blocking the view. Hanging limp and thick and useless... more of this post at TUMBLEWORD's other site.

For stargazers, link to Hubble telescope site; gallery of stars and tonight's sky .
Peace, health and grace to all those who enter here.

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Esti said...

Suggestive pictures... I might do a post with this inspiration...