Sunday, April 6, 2008

approaching home

we lovers under the sea

a ... life, a tree house* = wisdom like beards on owls.
Song for the heart (my old friend) ... Hold on, hold on

Hold On to Yourself
All the light in all the horizons shines
in the skeins of our loving, our crying.

Love what you have to love while it lives. Tend it. Softly.
Use your hands and your voice
like a flowering word that has yet to open.

Say what it is you alone contain-- the unsayable Yes,
the inner fragrance.
Let rain within the inner gardens. Lushing as we speak
of it. Bend to it.
Peace and health to all who enter here.
Above all
Hold On

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Marie-Louise said...

Peace and health so all who enter here.
Wonderful words, hope it will work...

mansuetude said...

You always make me smile!

;) me too marie-louise.
You got to believe!

Esti said...

Your words are comforting. ;)

M.KATE said...

awesome picture and nice reading, happy week ahead :)

andrea tachezy said...

Such a sensitive words!

Marie-Louise said...

I read about your brother on Estis blog. Hope that everything goes right!

Mary-Laure said...

Spectacular pictures! I love their energy.

karin said...

Mansuetude: we lovers under the sea is such a great title. Love the poem.

gracia said...

"we lovers under the sea" both sounds and looks beautiful indeed...

redredday said...

hi M, you have become one of my favorite visitors. i thank you for your insight and the poetry in your words, your soul...
and being here is no different. love what you wrote here about tending love with our hands and's often that we forget about the voice, how the most subtle tones can be heard and felt...even if we are not conscious of it, our body somehow knows and responds to it, doesn't it?

btw, i've been wondering why you have two of almost the same sites? is the other one your primary one? i love the site address title for it. but it takes a really long time to load at times so i have decided to stick to this one here.