Saturday, April 12, 2008

~ truffles

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Learned yesterday that when the temperature inside the house is exactly 76 degrees, it is the perfect time to eat dark chocolate
truffles. At this temperature, the inside is all a melting. My newest discovery-- excellent with a good spicy red wine. :)
Besides the wonderful people, the best part of living "South of the Dixie line" as they say, is the absolutely beautiful Spring. In celebration, a little Mississippi moon where
catfish R jumping ... and this and Ms. Nina Simone doing this and this, and my favorite this ....
Got the doors and windows open, listening to the rain fall; all a haven of green here; still white dogwood flowers falling out back. Dancing around some, then writing then dancing ...
Spring everywhere and I've dreamed
snow: of places located in memory where the heart runs. The eternal return to origins... You see this across the gap when skiing at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, a slow easy mountain, a favorite family place for Spring Skiing.
Thanks to everyone sending Love and Concern. I really appreciate.
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Christine said...

It sounds to look so beautiful. The changing of seasons can really make ones heart leap:)

Mary-Laure said...

It's spring in Paris but it SNOWED last week... So maybe you dream of Paris?

Liivia said...

Here in Finland is snow yet...but I want a spring now!

Beautiful photos.

andrea tachezy said...

You are eating truffles? It is from chocolate, isn´t it? :-))
I like the bottom photo and Nina Simon ( who doesn´t ?)

M.KATE said...

how nice..never eaten truffles before, will try one day,beautiful photos :)

gracia said...

Chocolate truffles, spicy red wines, and new green growth... enjoy it, all of it.

Esti said...

Your kindness smells of spring too.

Marie-Louise said...

Hello, I just want to say hello to you!

Summer said...

ooh, beautiful pictures. A truffle is a truffle is a truffle, a pretty little thing with goodness inside!