Tuesday, April 15, 2008

~ to sit ~ high in the just hatched


rain-bow-pale_s (time

Awesome! For us bird lovers, The Nature Conservancy (
here) set a webcam to watch newly hatched Eagle chicks way up, up in places most of us dare not climb. Thank You Bookbabie!
Another tenderness in action, like that seen
here, and yes here.
Sat up late, reading
Alexsander Wat, a postwar Polish Poet--
some of his quotes:
Everything that lies in rubble reaches tenderly at me.
... Nothing will tear Chaos apart.
It tears itself apart. Eating into itself,
piece after piece, insa-tiable.
And there's nothing I can do about it , dear friend
--Paris. July 1963
But the experienced one sees the watermark.
Listening also to
See you soon
where do we go, nobody knows
Green Eyes-- (for you ms. d, and pie) And to all of you, too, who hold anyone up. Ever. Thank you. We're all dependent on each other's strength and tenderness.
Aren't we? Who (what) do you lean on?
a rush of blood to the head. etc.
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Tumbleword's other site.
Peace. .


Esti said...

I'm not much of a Coldplay fan but I appreciatte your feelings and your sweet words. :)

mansuetude said...

thanks Esti!
Half the time, i post music links and etc as "notes to myself" --reminders, or prompts to open an emotion or concept to something i am writing. posting it is a way for me to go back and bookmark--because i have too many threads of thought around. etc...

andrea tachezy said...

love the colours in those pictures.