Saturday, June 21, 2008

june 21

marks the half way point of a year--
it is thundering again, lightning flashing but dry so far.
One sister tells me a man was killed by lightning
while hiking with his wife near a small lake we used to jog and sled the hills of in winter ... his wife was also struck but lived.
Heard in the back of my head

Where you are going this summer
will it change your soul;
or just rest it?

Life is a dance.
beautiful expression (sensual)
(i think she is the air)

Svetlana Zakharova
here (revelation) (parts more) and longer

Zakharova and Tsiskaridze Midsummer Night's Dream 1
(and another version)
interperetations (both a shame to watch on utube so if you can watch large).
"Everyone can master a grief but he that has it".
- Much Ado About Nothing
(Act III, Scene II).
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marga said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
You make realy beautifull pictures.

Esti said...

I love that final quote

Also, I feel like I don't want to change my soul at all but rest it. Thanks for making me see that difference

redredday said...

good morning, M. :). is that just a piece of glass shard? i like how you made it look more whole than a broken fragment.

i'm aching for big changes this summer but who knows if that will be for the better.

Anonymous said...

Cool shot and post. There was thunder and lightening when I left the grocery store an hour ago. As I put up umbrella I hoped I wasn't making myself a human lightening rod:)

karin said...

The half way point-already? I like how that photo mirrors this idea.

Chuck said...

M, the photo of the glass shard is very good. The human made curve flexing horizontally between the irregular edges makes for a engaging contrast. The mirror image makes it float.

Maria said...

it looks like ice!

how terrible to be killed by lightning:/ I heard you should wear rubberboots if you're outside in the thunderstorm, the rubber should "save" you if the lightning hits you!

yasu said...

these words make me think...

mansuetude said...

thanks for the visits and the comments everyone!

I think when i hear things like this phrase, will it change your soul or rest it--its usually a big hint of foreshadowing from my subconscious... so. Its for me for sure.

Chuck, i can't for the life of me write on your blog--it takes eternity and then it lets me go.
You have three notes, and Edna has one, but they are lost in cyber space. We will need a psychic to channel them to U! :)

Maria--i don't trust little rubber boots. But its supposed to work.

Bookbabie--there is a woman novelist (greta Urlich I think) who got struck a few times, so watch out. :)

Karin: i still think about that question you asked on your blog about form and content.

Reredday--you are changing in your art. very evident.

Peace to u all.

Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for a beautiful post! As a ballerina, I was thrilled.