Thursday, July 3, 2008

a compost heap



All I want to know today is “who invented white hairs.”
One of you creative bloggers?
I don’t remember ordering any!
Maybe the UPS man delivers them in my sleep and glues them on. (He’s probably bald… or color blind … why doesn’t my dog bite his ankles?)

Do any of you know how to find him. Surely it wasn’t a woman inventing white hairs. We could, collectively, ask him to stop.
Just Yell out, stop the stupidity.

Also, while we’re at it, I’d like to find those who invented Nuclear bombs and hand guns and hate. Yes. I’ve hated the word “hate” since pre-kindergarten on first discovery. What kind of weirdo am I? Still that little girl, thinking little words can change the larger world.
What would you like to cross off the list of a life.

Spit. (though I don’t want dry mouth)
Education (what exactly does this mean)?

Why do we have “organic” food?
What is it in human genetics that can read scientific articles about “poisons” on our foods and yet accept it and go about our routine.

“Well those there celery stalks are just fresh and delicious sticks of poison, ma’am. Very crisp and refreshing. You can cut them up and lay them gracefully on a deliciously poison bed of rippling lettuce leaf. Have yourself a healthy meal.

“Them there peaches are just ripe with sprayed on bug repellent. Not a blemish on the bloom, if you know how I mean. It shouldn’t be a’bugging you that it causes cancers, should it ma’am?

If it does make you itch at night till you can’t sleep, well you can always buy you some “organic” produce instead.

Like there should be an option? ?
H2o = two hydrogen atoms bonded with one oxygen atom.
What is really in my water?
You could be in there for all I know, washing dirty socks. Or washing the insides of a nuclear power plant. Its so hard to tell.
I ate a sour pickle and a lemon for lunch.

: ) there. all better now?

Link Helen Caldicott (Press Watch) : this is long, but listen to it por favor. :)

Link The Firm: a Song: Radioactive

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Erin said...

not really on the top of my usual list, but can we eliminate little dog yapping while we're at it? My neighbor has one that yaps at everything that passes his balcony, and because he's so high he sees something all the time.

boorish men
boring (when my brother and I were little and went to our mom saying "I'm bored" She would reply "only boring people are ever bored." It frightened me terribly that I might be boring.)
landfills full of poison that little children rummage through to get things they need
our healthcare system that considers only rich people worth saving
(oh that lemon was sour. . .)

the word hate sucks too.

Anonymous said...

wow..really interesting questions that made me think..

you're now under my reads, i've been on your blog for a while now and you've definitely kept me interested!
amazing photos, btw :)

Anonymous said...

You did eat a sour pickle. Hmmm, maybe I should do some pickle shots for my iStock account? I think I would eliminate intolerance, with that out of the way a lot of other annoying things would disappear. Except for the white hairs, but we would no longer be intolerant of them at least;)

mansuetude said...

hello girls.

sorry about the sour lemon. I will try to put some honey in my tea this week!

Erin, i love your list. A dog that is trained is a pleasure, otherwise its just another dog.

In The Life: thanks so much. I also love the title of your blog.

Bookbabie: My peach has nothing to do with your delicious photo--just me reading about pesticides and "organic". Sometimes i get so mad at the my culture.

Don't have enough white hairs to be annoyed yet--am almost savoring and enjoying them so far; its like a quaint thing to happen. But I KNOW that won't last forever. :)

I love your Intolerence comment. Jessie Helms just passed away). An hour after I read it, the word Tolerence popped in my head too. We have also tolerated some things too long. You really made me think of these two words as seasaw opposites on a fulcrum.

Christine said...

Are these your hair??
I'm right there beside you on the whiteness of hair. Alas - my hair is dark brown, so the increasing amount of whites -- show. And then again - I find women with grey hair so beautiful. But older. Dunno.

About the food. Oohhh yes. I totally agree. Plus; the last thing I head was that there had been a political proposal that we, in order to solve the problem of world hunger due to lack of food, could SKIP the whole organic sillyness and focus on making gene-modified foods instead ....
... ahm
or! We could ... uhm less? Since the better part of the western civilization is eating outselves to overweight diseases? No?

Sorry. Gettin' carried away.
Anyhoo. Got a theory, that if we could eliminate fear - all the other things'll go away. Fear of starving - fear of not being loved - fear of other people stealing from you - fear of loosing. The way I see it, absence of fear is utter love, tolerance and surplus. With more than enough to go around.

Thank you for a mind-excercising post:)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful blog, simply love your work!!


Salutations du Québec

mansuetude said...

Christine: I LOVE your response. I agree about the fear thing; its so hard to practice it but so true. Please don't think to apologize for writing here, it makes me so happy to get these kinds of open comments. thanks.

Not my hair, some thread. :)

Omami: Thank you.

Mary-Laure said...

Great great GREAT top picture. It took me a really long time staring at it to figure out it was a pencil sharpener!
I love it how a familiar item can looks so eerie and mysterious and indeed unfamiliar...

Summer said...

Here's my thought to all of this. Of course I have a list of things I'd like to eliminate. There are awful things in the world. But really I don't know that I should ever wish anything away. I wouldn't know light without dark. I wouldn't know bliss without misery. I wouldn't know peace without chaos.

If we wished away all of the bad, the world would be so terribly, terribly bland. Do you know what I mean?

invisiblebees said...

Did you know that a man also invited heels? King Louis XIV, to make him stand taller and because he liked the way they made his legs look.

White hairs are a rite of passage, no?