Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Yes. :) We're all watching the Boston Celtics --wishing them great luck tonight. After the amazing, amazing 24 point come back last game, am excited for this team's future. Love what I;m hearing about their coach, too. Back when the Celtics were cool gas prices were this and Larry Bird wore short shorts. :)
Today. A beautiful day. Full of happy people--thanks Mom.
Am loving this literary blog and always love to know what Jane Hirshfield's reading, too. Jane Hirshfield--she's another woman to go see read!
Also love this photo--i need snow, my soul.
After last summer's drought and heat wave?
To other tumbleword blog--
Peace, breath, love to all.


hrsj said...

that is a beautiful image!
i'm glad your weekend is a happy one!

Esti said...

I used to be a Celtics fan from this far away! I wish you luck this end of season!

Sandra Evertson said...

Your work is wonderful!
I like what you see!
Sandra Evertson

Christine said...

Hi. Thanks for the links as well as your words and photo. I like WiP.
It has been too long since I have been here (and anywhere) - I have been doing non-blog-stuff lately:)) It's nice to visit you again:)) I hope you are well. Left a few comments;) Take care

yasu said...

wow the beautiful snow photo..can't believe its real..
and your green photo made me smile..Nature is always inspiring.Yesterday the weather was soo good and now its going back to the usual grey:( hope it gets better soon!

Esti said...

mansuetude, they won, they WON! Congratulations!!

redredday said...

hi M, on top of some other personal associations, red has become the color of inspiration for me. it is anything but weak and meek (which is sometimes the first impression people get of me, come to think of it. heh).

as it is here in your image that i love, the red stands strong even in its smallness among the vast luscious green hearts.

mansuetude said...

that reded!

i can't believe people think you are meek! Maybe powerful things happen in petite packages, no?