Friday, December 4, 2009

~ light

A lock and keys without a cabinet.
Because the immensity of our future
the ripening We, as Blessing, will not be contained,
nor hoarded and locked away.

Honor this.

The way a heart beats
attempting to say It   ~  this Joy.

one breath

two breath

                                                            three breath

...   four. 
A wholeness begins.
Yes, never forget 
you are always writing with light; drawing painting dancing
with light. Heart light; mind light; love's
webbings, (de-light) eternal Light.

All your life ... think of the skeins of light you've left--
shaped of your breath, your hands.
(A hammock for your dreams tonight.)

Peace to All who Enter here
and Deep blessings; Happy Holidays to you, too.
I am going on blog break a bit.  I shut down tv since mid July, and want to try internet too; its a busy perfect time, excepting few things I have to do online and email. It will be hard, and I may peek like a child looking at things under the tree... :)
In three weeks it will be Christmas Eve, and most of us will have lit or will light candles (many) for our celebrations during these weeks--lights on trees, in sacred circles for Solstice, on candelabras... in jars, fireplaces, in someone's eyes.  With family, memories rising up ... yes,

All across the world, light and Peace.

Ps... because my sister says i should: Aaron Neville: The Christmas song & silent night (every night is holy, no matter your belief) and the full album here.

Thank you all for sharing thoughts and feelings.
It is an amazing gift to receive you.
* (a snowflake of pure white)


mansuetude said...

Notes to self~

The way that can be told is not the Way. (Tao)

Neti neti (Not this, nor that) = Sanskrit.

xo ~ blessing s

lynne h said...


like a child under the tree...

: )

neti neti

XO exo blissings

mansuetude said...

hello you brilliant pony...

Neti neti.

xo blessing s & silence s

ArtPropelled said...

I will miss you and am tempted to do the same. Loving all your photographs.... skeins of light..... a hammock for my dreams. Light and peace to you too. Thanda

mansuetude said...

Big Thanda skein to you Robyn.

I highly recommend it; only if your heart is feeling tempted of course.

we will find each other again in a bit, if we found each other the first time, no?

Line said...

good luck I know you can do it, and peace to you my friend!!!!!

kvk said...

exquisitely succinct.

breathing in, savoring.

wishing you well on your break - isn't that what this time of year is really about?

blessings dear one.

Seth said...

I am wishing you a joyful, peaceful, and inspiring blog break. Will look forward to your return!

Roxana said...



Gwen Buchanan said...

I may be reading more than I should but does the "ripening We" mean what I think it does?

Breathing calm and thinking of each precious current ... thank you for reminding me...

Blessings to you 10-fold... or unfolded whichever feels best...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A peaceful and loving hiatus...a perfect season of light and remembering peeking is a good thing!
Best wishes, Mary Ann

Jeane said...

a feast - thank you - the second photo knocked me out! amazing - peace, love and joy to you and yours Mansuetude xxo

Renee said...

You are an amazing gift to all of us.

Your wisdom and spirt are pure magic.

Love Renee xoxo

mansuetude said...

Thank you everyone! :)

Line~ Thanks and Peace Blessings and a Beautiful Holiday to you.

KVK~ Blessings to you too. Thanks for sharing so much and i hear its almost cool enough to snow up there.

Thank you Seth, I will look forward to catching up on your projects and your links. Happy Holidays.

Roxana~ yes, breathless as breath... a silence full of tenderness I send to you!

Gwen: you are a funny one! Blessings ten fold or unfolded to you too... Mine, (if anything like a blanket) will end up rumbled in a heap or draped near to me for ready use.

Ps: I asked santa for a change of spurs (red velvet and with tiny tinkling bells). :)

Blue Sky Dreaming (Mary Ann) ~ I send you a loving and joyful Holiday too... and yes, isn't it wonderful to remember peeking under the tree; looking up at the lights, imaging the hush of this thing called Peace that could fall all over the Earth, into every fold... I still dream of it.

(don't forget to shake your tamborine on Christmas Eve...)

Jeane~ Yes, Blessings back to you; and Thank you for all the lovely imaginative mysterious abstracts. A joy.

Renee~ Thank you, i Must say it back to you, too. Eternal Joy rising in you, shine on. !!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh... I will miss you... but I hope your blogging break is a beautiful one... you who are so full of light and magic in your words... happy december to you as you dream by the waters of your river... roxanne

Disa said...

i opened the page, and a gorgeous photograph of an intricate lock and keys started to appear on the page- just like one of those "invisible pictures" that were so much fun to uncover as a child. enjoy your time "away". we will all be here when you get back.

Uschi said...

this brings to live many treasured thoughts in me:
-the perception, that painting with light...adding all the different colours and shades of light... leads to the brightest light you can imagine (it's inverse when painting on paper)
- the quality of the recording with Anne Sophie Mutter( oh such a beautiful piece (peace)) wanted me to go to radio I had when I was as old as she in this video, turn around the two big knobs trying to get a better sound without cracking and sizzling...oh the gooseflesh...

Coming back to the food-chopper-pendant: Discernment...what a beautiful idea which didn't at all ocure to me...I SIMPLY thought about expressing my loving of slow-food and cooking with such a wonderfully shaped tool :))

Wishing you days of intensity and love!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a beautiful post, I love the idea of writign and dancing with light. ERnjoy your blog break and I hope to see you again in the new year all refreshed.

Christine said...

Sweet Mansuetude. Happiest holidays to you, with all the light and blessings you can bear.
'light candles in someone's eyes' -- you are beautiful. I will honor the cabinet-not-there, think of you and miss you. Happy times, sharing, lighting, loving and being. xo
(thank you for the wonderful music and images)

mansuetude said...

Roxanne: I take your kind words into my heart and Thank you. Happiest of Holidays to you too... oh this River, since i set eyes on it i Know it is never mine; old etched water crossings, sacred, without and within sky and earth, this river. Every day a new expression of color and light line texture on her face, in her veins. But not "mine".

Blessings and Joy to you.

mansuetude said...

Disa: Wherever you end up for the Holidays I wish you lots of Champagne... and health and joy.

I love sometimes when a photo opens in the browser and slowly reveals itself; awe struck.

Ushchi: it is so nice what you share about the light, and most loved is the story of turning the old knobs on the radio; gave me gooseflesh too.

Blessings and Creativity and Love to you too, all across the globe to you!

Crafty Green Poet: thank you and yes, dance with the light, as you do on your blog in photos and words. Happy New Year !

Christine: Ah, thank you for the sweetness too; for sharing, and always opening yourself warmly to all i say and do here. Merry Christmas full of ripe blessings and creativity and success to you in 2010.

On the tornado--i zonked out and fell asleep to be woken around two am by whistle stop shrill sounds wind makes against house and trees. it can be exhilerating... when a hurricane is close, the sea swells up against the rocks and the wind blows, and Nature shows off...

i've never lived through a bad hit from a storm so i don't fear it; probably take energy from it; but imagining being strewn all over the neighborhood in the middle of the night is a strange thing indeed. :)

Xo blessings !

mansuetude said...

Notes to self~

from Shakespeare:
Let me play the fool. With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come let my liver rather heat with wine than my heart cool with mortifying groans...

layers said...

the words are so beautiful and inspirational-- and the images-- I just did a post on the Zen of Line you would have liked but also understand your wishes to go offline for now-- the holidays are hectic.
happy holidays

Mary-Laure said...

Oh no, a blog break??? I miss you already, don't stay away long! Benjy hopes that you'll keep an eye on this antics online!

Shayla said...

Enjoy your break. I tried one this summer and found it made space for some other enjoyments.

The writing about light was just beautiful. "the skeins of light you've left", ahhhh....

Leslie Avon Miller said...

A blog break - or an retreat into a quiet or more space - wishing you richness from your experience and I will smile when you return.

Christine said...

Thank you!, M. I enjoy your blog so so much. You know, I think you inspired me to cancel television for a while :) Anyway, I did, and I'm quite excited about it. December is a little hectic, which makes lack of tv wonderful, and I look forward to the quiet January too. (I really like movie-watching, so the tv is up, but no channels).

Thank you for views on butch Nature. '... take energy from it' -- this is beautiful. One breath, eh?! Yours, mine, the squirrel's, and the Thunderstorm's.

Warm thoughts to you :)

La Dolce Vita said...

have a lovely break, enjoy and breathe and unfold. thanks for stopping in at my little blog.

Ritva said...

dear M,
i wish you light enjoyment and
with Anne-Sophie Mutter playing Meditation.

and yes, let us play the fool!

bookbabie said...

A happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season to you dear blogging friend!

mansuetude said...

Thank you all!

Layers (Donna)~ yes, your post is beautiful, and a phrase on your sidebar led to extended insight. Thank you.

Mary Laure~ To you and Benjy, a Naughty but Nice (of course) New Year. Has he finished his Post Doctrate yet???

Thank you so much Shayla. I look forward to seeing your mystical landscapes, and whatever else you're up to, soon. You seem to pull the magic up, to emphasize an awakeness in your art...

Leslie ~ Yes, a retreat into more space; no tv has left an almost tangible presence, an open landscape... Thanks for your always warm thoughtful presence on the blogs, and for stopping in.

Oh Christine This News makes me very happy. Let me know how you feel as you lose the clatter (that is not saying anything much of a matter that matters)... Starlight has more to say.

One Breath, yes, like One Love.... we do share it~

mansuetude said...

La Dolce Vita~ enjoying your blog name, to write it is even a pleasure... Yes, I had to pop over, couldn't resist a walk through some snow with you. Always a sucker for a snow scene. Thanks.

Love to you Ritva. Yes, let us play the fool, but let us break nor scrape no bone or skin this year. Peace and a blessing for New Years. See you there.

Bookbabie~ I send blessings to you and your family as well. A year of healings and joy with the grandaughter... Merry Christmas (and don't forget to tend to you.)

mansuetude said...

notes to self:

Got text message earlier,

" 7 deer dashed into tha woods "

... are Santa's reindeer on down here resting up by the Marina? We are thinking maybe yes... :)

Anonymous said...

exoblesings to you,

good to shut down and be fallow, turn your earth.

mansuetude said...

That is very beautiful.
Very Beautiful.

xoBlessings to you. (and knitting) :)

Jo Horswill said...

Heart, Breath, Wholeness, Bless, Light and Peace...your words, all gifts.
I have loved reading your beautiful, beautiful blog...
Peaceful holidays and break from all this too, lovely one.

Jo xx

Katrina said...

happy holidays to you! enjoy a bit of "unplugged" time and looking forward to your thoughts/ images in the new year. xoxo, k.

rivergardenstudio said...

sending you gold-white shimmery winter blessings and soft ripples in the river... (I love what you wrote about the river)... I do feel that the river I gaze on every day is mine... not just mine though... but belonging to all who have walked along it's high grasses and touched it's cat-tails and all who dream of it's waters... roxanne

Christine said...

I miss your posts.
I hope your Christmas has been wonderful, and I wish to wish you a fantastic New Year, with best of the best, love, peace and presence. xo

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for the story, a doggy gift for the boy, no doubt?

I had a giggle, because dogs CAN levitiate.

Dont care what they say.

Ritva said...

happy new year to you dear M!
and peace and love!


Happy New Year, mansuetude!

ArtPropelled said...

Hey Mansuetude! Just checking. Thanda.