Monday, June 21, 2010

I want to hold your hand~ June 26



On June 26 people are getting together all over the world to protest offshore oil drilling.  I want to hold your hand too, hand to hand we might be holding hands a hundred a thousand or ten thousand hands away, but we are all linked.

Hands Across The Sand from Walton Outdoors on Vimeo.

Join Hands Across the Sand on June 26 to protest Oil drilling.
Just click on your state on the map to find what is already organized.
My Dad lives on the gulf coast of Florida, they look to have a protective barrier of hands up and down that state.  International links hereFlicker set here.

. New York Times article 742 events worldwide (as of June 24th thursday)
. Facebook


Our World is beautiful, beyond our comprehension.
Earlier this year, Obama almost lifted a 25 year moratorium against Oil exploration off the Carolina's too. I DO NOT want to see this floating near me

It is killing the whole ecosystem.

Our fish are already poisoned enough. I worried about eating them before, about the water the birds... and now ...

On a cleaner water note...
Another reason we should Not be drilling for oil, these wondrous striped icebergs:

Eva Cassidy Wade in the Water

Karin at Beyond Words made a perfect post informing and calling action regarding the BP oil spill too.
The oil is a poison, a dark flammable puss rising up to show us quite visually what is already long true; our common complacency in a fossil fuel way of life that is toxic to us.  Our political system is polluted... Obama didn't fix that; all those poster of "Hope" and things are much the same.  I wrote a long post the other day and deleted it for now, because knowing what i know about the pollutants in my world, both actual in the water the fish the air the food (why do we even have the word organic) the plastics which screw with women's hormones especially... the politics the greed the lack of genuine adult caring for the world and its creatures; its water our water its air our air, its fish our fish its flesh our flesh All of it running through One bloodstream. Life. You and me. The dolphins.  

Just thinking it all and writing the other day i felt so toxic i didn't want to poison anything more... (so i postponed it) if that makes sense!
We've been postponing change for a long time in this country; this global country now.

Even the oil spill photos are beautiful.

“Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence
of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression.
Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of
all. Peace is dynamism. Peace is generosity. It is right and it is a
duty.” - Oscar Romero, January 7, 1978

It makes my blood hot! Lucinda Williams Hot Blood
Billy Bragg: I Keep Faith
Peace to all who enter here.
And for Karin at Beyond Words who just finished Chemo, pick up a glass of celebration ice cold champagne.  Join in a toast to Karin, "Great Blessings, Strength and Joy and Health continue to Rain down over your Journey"! clink clink the glasses!
There is warm brie and crusty bread and melon too. Cheers. To all of us. Bounty and Health.
Happy summer solstice--it will be Birthday month before long ; )


Marjojo said...

What a great designer nature is! I'd never even heard about striped ice-bergs... Thank you as ever for a thought-provoking and rather beautiful post, and for having the heart not to rant. I'll be joining hands virtually.

lynne h said...

excellant post, m! if i'm not joining hands physically, i will be mentally and emotionally...


Christine said...

I will hold your hand on Saturday, and send my strings out to touch yours, and everyone's, across the ocean and over the hills.
I've been thinking so much about this thing we do to ourselves, the way we consistently selfdestroy.
We are the only species here, that lack respect of the one-ness. The others seem to get it. We fail to see, that as we ooze oil or carbage or greed out, we inject ourselves with it. And yet we are capable of such love and beauty.
I don't know. I simply don't.
I will see you on the beach

Karin Bartimole said...

Thank you.
My heart fills and breaks, rolling like the waves, with your words and images...
thank you... ❤

layers said...

thanks for the Eva Cassidy song and the beautiful icebergs-- much needed beauty in among all the horrible news and images of oil soaked birds and marshes and beaches-- ugh! so ugly and hurtful and painful and stupid-- the stupidity of man is astonishing.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your post echoes our joined thinking...I feel as a people we are dizzy from this wound, a wound we have been foolish not to expect. There is a line from a Leonard Cohen song relating to war,loss, deaths "OH, Love aren't you tired yet?" Not sure how it fits as it isn't a call to action but seems fitting to first grieve these acts (our wildlife, water) before we move to a united place of holding hands...making a stand for real change...I'm in!

Erin Curry said...

my coast
I am
inthe middleofboth and
I see
mymind just shuts down

my friend visted New Orleans a week after the spill,
said the air was thick with the smell of diesel and chemicals
and his neck broke out in a nasty rash and
came home with a terrible cough.
And now it's coming to my home.
I keep thinking to go to the beach (the Atlantic side)
and say goodbye.

june 3 projection:

mansuetude said...

Marjojo~ i am amazed by the frozen wave just held in place. It would be a beautiful building to peer out from if you could chip away the inside and make a top floor observatory! My dreams, ha. :)

Lynne ~ i know you are good for the earth... i always want to tickle your feet (picture) angel.

exoo oooh ohooo xos
(the extra o's help them fly over)

Christine~ So beautifully said, and yes we do "inject ourselves" every time. And oh we are so capable of so much love and creativity and just joy, laughing with neighbors, at ourselves. Love across the world to u.

Karin~ Thank you. For your courage and strength too, for sharing. Cancer shall lay slain in a basin some day, a tiny meaningless plague in a vial Behind a cabinet that says Conquered!

(I've seen too much )

Donna~ isn't it so pure to see that ice after the images of the muck and the reeds sodden with the oil. I wonder what really pure clean water would do to us, the fish the whole atmosphere.

Mary Ann~ Oh, yes it is so symbolic. I feel like it was almost allowed out of its "hidden box" to awaken us. I fear it won't happen yet, but we will see.

What fascinates me most about the Hands Across the Sand is the map, to go visit it and see how simply powerful WE ARE. How almost 100 more events are added to locations all over the globe and you just have to click on the little blue arrow and see more info on what to do, where to go. Its so grassroots and these grasses are young, as is our use of the internet. So ya, i am interested in seeing how it will unfold and multiply.

Jack Johnson the singer linked up the the Hands Across the Sand webpage earlier today and totally crashed the server, so this kind of "happening" is viral and will grow in waves, pulses.

That's my excitement.

Oh Erin, I know!
My family has been down on the gulf coast too and one sister down on the tip of Florida. This is the place to be for Saturday, as u can see on the map link, FLA is going to be almost all linked off which is exciting for me.

I don't think you have to wave goodbye to the ocean though, it has a great way of filtering... likely the marshlands (40% of our marshes are down in that zone) and the shrimp are going to be really poisoned i think. I can't imagine the pollution in the small eddies where they breed...

A great friend has always told me the air and the spanish moss and such as you approach the oil refineries of LA just sort of sticks to you and everything is coated. He called it a cancer zone, and also taught me that a lot, a lot of our vegitables grow in that same soil along the hot humid waters there!

But the Earth, i think she is going to survive, we just need to take better care of her/us .

mansuetude said...

ps ~ Erin, i understand about the rage too. the afternoon i wrote about "poisonS" i was ranting crazy mad inside...How the hell did they let it ooze this long, still leaking.

rivergardenstudio said...

I will be there in spirit too. Such dispair. For the coastline. For mother earth. Beautiful post though, and so sad. roxanne