Sunday, June 27, 2010

love lasts

sunrise while i sat in the chair

All that we do
Is touched with ocean, yet we remain
on the shore of what we know.

--Richard Wilbur


for my brother

Have you ever stood near the sea as a child and wondered. 
Who am I ? what is all this sensation running through me?
All of life's questions flashing in an instant in front of
that magnificence?


Translation:  It was a beautiful day

Peace to all who enter here.
The Hands Across the Sand global effort has deeply moved me, and helped me see I have been politically burnt out (like the oil spilled grasses of the marshes) by all the political abuse of language and power since, i hate to say it, maybe 9-11 and the wars after it.  Something opened in me this weekend and I am delighted to feel awakened again, though there is so much more to do!
Hands Across the Sand:   Flicker Group, Facebook, You tube videos.
Sting: If i ever lose my faith in you
If you are at all aware of the Mercury Cycle

this article is a must read regarding this oil spill and its results long term.  (Especially if you eat fish).

Blessings and light to all ..

Love last longer than anything on the planet earth.  Kindle it!


ArtPropelled said...

Oh what a stunning sunrise!

The hands across the sand effort has moved me too, Mansuetude. Photos here>>

Enjoying the tranquility of your slideshow. Thank you. Thanda.

lynne h said...

kindle it!!! now THAT is magnificent!!

sparked, kindled, and blazing EXO XOs!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you...I sit in fog in summer sunrises so it was nice to be reminded of the spectacular goings on behind the fog. Everything about this post has touched my heart...yes, 'love lasts'.

rivergardenstudio said...

I love that feeling of wonderment when you stand (so small) before the ocean. I still feel that.
Your words are moving here.
I am so glad the weekend sunrises are awakening your spirit.
Blessings to you of laughter and running barefoot through the sand... roxanne

Summer Nicklasson said...

Beautiful post. Made me tear up a bit.
I remember feeling that feeling of curiousity as a child at the ocean's edge. Thanks for bringing out that innocence today.

Karin Bartimole said...

Yes Mansuetude, burnt out by the too much I'm longing for the ocean;
the cooling, balancing life giving allness of the ocean...
the love does burn bright.
Today I stood in the rain and felt the sky's ocean wash over me, soothing the burn, celebrating the love.

Christine said...

Politically numbed, or in full flame, M - I see you bringing so much power into this world. I don't think you could not, even if you should want to. Your words, love, energy sent out through this one channel alone, echoes. I who enter here always feel utterly thankful for this gift you ceaselessly give. Thank you

And for the sun you see, the ocean you feel and the music you hear.

mansuetude said...

thanks everyone!

I just read, "A single acre of
seagrass may support as many as 40,000 fi sh and 50 million small invertebrates." Wanted to post that here, as a note to myself.

kindle the fires