Monday, July 12, 2010



small fuzzy peace tree

* link Faneuil Hall (regarding note to KVK in comments)
      Feel free to add voice to the thoughts there! Thank you all.
 am still summering; off "blueberry picking" etc with family.
      Enjoy your summer/or autumn.


Line said...

I love it!!!

Disa said...

how gorgeous. hope you are well :)

Seth said...

Very striking image!

Shayla said...

Oh! Magic!

kvk said...

ahhhh, magical indeed.
Lately, I've visited here and, for some reason I cannot comprehend, have found myself struck speechless. There have been times of awe inspiring images - the ship ruins, your sunrise view and this little treasure, and times of discomfort - the work of Denise Marika, the oil spill series.
So today the paralysis has lifted and I send thanks for the splendid combination of beauty and provocation.
xo blessings

Roxana said...

i become the softness of the world

mansuetude said...

Thanks Line! Its good to hear from you.

Disa, Thank you too! I am doing well, getting some quite time to write and play. :) Practice your smile yoga!

Thanks Shayla! Its such a tiny little magical thing, found on a tree by the river. I thought it was a ball of fuzz.

Thanks Seth! Striking, like a little match ignited, your words made me think.

Roxana, yes.! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and beauty. Its wonderful to see you here, for some reason i thought you stopped blogging.


Ok... back to vacation.

blessings to you all! Thank you.

mansuetude said...

I am grateful for these words. Its understandable. Should be.

As i said in my comment section on the Marika images, I was so "struck" and emotionally hurled away from myself by those images, especially after my brother's funeral--i felt compelled to keep them close, so I posted them FOR ME here where i would have them!

There is in some eastern traditions a meditation on the decaying of a corpse, i had encountered in my twenties, and have thought much regarding; if we are so afraid to live with awareness of death, with impermanence, we are half buried already, aren't we, buried in fear of it happening.

So the post... here.
Sorry if it jolted.

I can see the D. Marika images now, integrated somewhat now of "content" and see beauty and mirroring shining through.

Existential dread is big in USA. We run from ourselves; we busy ourselves and we have so much, such plenty.

For the fourth of July in Boston for instance, over 900,000 people gathered/crowded around the Charles River area to watch the fireworks and listen to music. I wondered, was it a political acknowledgement of our democracy (of its greatness, of freedom(s) we Americans own so half-consciously)?

Or, was it the need to be entertained?
Blind hearted "bread & circus" for all; mindless gathering to see and be seen; clustering hearts craving to gather around "the fire" (controled beauty of fire bursting in air, alighting faces, distracting us to look up, over our heads or at reflections in the water.

To gather as friends and family, eat good food, hit the restaurants and pubs before and after... Tradition? (A Federal Holiday, but where is the content which points back to the WHY of that day? The "here and now" of those sacrifices almost eroding in our hands...?

It was very HOT... and yet people came and came, and stepped on our toes. LOL.
But where are our hearts and our minds now, as citizens in 2010?

Are we so tired we can barely be "political" and just want a hotdog a beer some grazing time to forget what we don't want to see to fix mostly, though we complain... right now, so much needs to be changed again, looked at, re-thought politically as a nation. Here we were gathered, and yet... ( ?).

(Similiarly with the post on the oil spill and the Marika images) (hard to do it to see it to say it to look)!
For me, the irony is the idea of Faneuil Hall (part of the Boston "Freedom Trail" where people once gathered to speak, debate, listen to leaders--it as Icon sitting so close... so "commercialized now" for bread and circus activity... BUT ALSO available for empowering people to change their lives .

(I used to work near and eat lunch there; wondering in part this... in part) .

A rambling story--for me, the question arises what are we all doing? Politically, (and personally) and me as a blogger too... What r we asking each other, offering each other?Sometimes its not easy to "see"

and yes, I beleive art should "wake us sometimes from sleep." Or gentle us into health, too. Rekindle harmony and beauty to our overtired senses... like the sunrise. But both sides of the knife, always need balancing.
We need to stop and contemplate, why is this person taking time to say this!?

Big answer to your response... I am thinking yes...xo blessings. Enjoy your summerings.

Mostly this KVK Thank you for an authentic voice in your response!