Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ex-posed (but not posing)


in case u didn't hear, an 18th Century ship hull found at World Trade Center
"A 1797 map shows that the excavation site is close to where Lindsey’s Wharf and Lake’s Wharf once projected into the Hudson. So, no matter how many mysteries now surround the vessel, it may turn out that the ghost even has a name."
can u just imagine the history of standing in one place, of what lay buried beneath your feet, layer by layer down and under what we normally think of as surface, or see?  Right now, what are you standing on?

Just "you" alone are deep and amazing. Full of coded memory.
Well we are all probably deeper and older in the heart and psyche than our wildest imaginings while looking up at the clear night of millions of mult-ilayered twinklings of star after stars ...  are you looking up, you are getting deeper and deeper.  Ahh.

Blessings raining joy over all

tiny horseradish jar re-used; from Christmas dinner

* Art 21 Paradox with Mark Bradford *i like his ways of thinking

*Art 21 Play

* Entire PBS Art 21 videos  (you can explore/search artists) and Blog with links.
* Tonic Acoustic Version of a great song (thank you to boston b).

I am still off summer-ing! ...  stuck in a huge rainstorm today, lazy day.   Hope u are all enjoying :)

For "The English Patient" (who loved to sing)  Billie Holiday I'll be seeing you inspired by grrl's comment



Disa said...

oh my. i dont think i can keep up with all the thinking you just made me do :)

mansuetude said...

ah, if you'd been here drinking margaritas it wouldn't seem so hard, but fun!

There is a cresent moon behind fog with a huge star to the right of it, very large and blurry.


Uschi said...

one of my strongest memory is a situation in Italy, where I layed on the flat roof of a house under an incredible starry night sky and tried to latch onto the ground for not was so close...

Every small grain of ground around us breathes the history of the planet...a gigantic repository and memorial for every being that has lived. And life grows from it....

Thank you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm "reading" the English Patient on audio book,

so the spoken words can be savoured.
there is a line:

I look at the moon, but I see you.

mansuetude said...

Thank you so much. What you write is so so very beautiful. It IS exactly what I feel looking up into the layers of stars too sometimes.

The part "Every small grain of ground around us breathes the history of the planet...a gigantic repository and memorial for every being that has lived. And life grows from it...." touched me, made Everything whole again, holy.

Bless you for this gift!


Grrl~ Ah, The English Patient would be a good listen... so caught between Morphine and memory. Reminds me of that old song, I'll be seeing you. I like the Billie Holiday version

thanks for the reminder.

How would you knit "listening" --to a novel(ist) or a song?

ArtPropelled said...

I think my mouth was hanging open for a while there..... looking at the ship hull found at the World Trade Center. I think I was an archeologist in a past life.

lynne h said...

m, sending summer love to you... and smiles... : )

(they may be the same thing, huh?)


mansuetude said...


I was shocked to hear it, too. But delighted!
Though like the Boston Backbay around the Charles River, so much was probably "filled in" swampish land to build up the city terra firma near the waterfronts. So who knows what wonders are down below.

I think you are an archeologist of symbols still, today. Your art carries that language into time, Now. Its old and true.

Thanda! I am ready to borrow a cool Autumn day in exchange for a summer one. LOL.

Thanks Lynne.
You should see my ten year old nephew. Already he is a Smile Yoga Master, teaching it effortlessly and spreading grins. He just exudes this "love".

Exo blessings. Hope you are enjoying your summer and are meeting many new expressive faces in your art pages.

Thank you and Blessings to you both!

layers said...

I had heard about the ship below ground in NYC-- its like-- if a tree falls in the forest-- does it make a noise if no one hears it-- think of how many years it was down there hidden. what history will be revealed..

mansuetude said...

What a great way to think of it Donna.

Think too of the ears and eyes alive at the time of that ship. Of all the feet that have walked over it since. The changes in New York City. In America and technology. Even that I am communicating on a blog to u via an iPod touch right now wirelessly

We don't think enough about longevity nor can we live here and now well either. But life evolves.