Saturday, July 17, 2010

1762 an etymology= :idea: mental outlook over time


a small sense/view of perspective-- 

Perspective (etymology) : late 14c., "science of optics," from O.Fr. perspective, from M.L. perspectiva ars "science of optics," from fem. of perspectivus "of sight, optical" from L. perspectus, pp. of perspicere "inspect, look through," from per- "through" + specere "look at" (see scope (1)). Sense of "art of drawing objects so as to give appearance of distance or depth" is first found 1590s, influenced by It. prospettiva, an artists' term. The figurative meaning "mental outlook over time" is first recorded 1762..

Somehow we have to keep dreaming about a word, to keep it living now.

In the 14th century, this word given as "the science of optics" and think now, in 2010 "what did they know about optics or science or perspective for that matter then; compared to what we know now?

Think-- of What we don't know now.
What small sense of "perspective" will we leave (or not) for the future's eyes.



For yourself, be a dream
Of red wheat and smoke
.  .  .
You will never grow old

   ~Jean Rousselot

I owe you all visits and comments. I miss you, won't be back out for a bit still.

Blessings and thank you for your beauty and inspiring comments on the last post


ArtPropelled said...

Think of what we don't know now .... mind boggling.

Still amazed at that hull!

mansuetude said...

They also found a 100 lb anchor.

When i watch the video full screen, can see the cars on streets of Today, knowing what went on there on 9-11 and etc... so much symbolism as camera pans into the pit, the ribs of history.

yes. mind boggling.


Anonymous said...

This is the essence of blogs.. to pop your head up into another world, like one of enid blyton's "magic far away tree" characters.

Here in this world, a ship is being unearthed, there a dog paddles in a plastic pool.

all parts in a grand play.

mansuetude said...

grrl, when you wrote I in my private "perspective" was within a storm lashing the house, bending the trees... it was intense and a bit frightening here. Location becomes so much of perspective.

Great comment.
Never heard of Enid Blyton (looking her up she wrote enough books to circle a book chain around the belly of the world!)

Magic trees sound fun.

Seth said...

"be a dream of red wheat and smoke" -- there is something about these words that just soothes me.

kvk said...

so many things ...
shifting perspectives, my 'soap bubble' of a comfort zone - ever morphing ... letting things in or closing them out, so curious that 2 old ships have chosen this time to reappear, layers and layers of perspective and thoughts, comfort versus discomfort, engaged versus asleep.

Here, I can always find a healthy dose of perspective; words and images and videos and music that widen my own view or bring joy to my senses ... how I react is totally up to me.

onward - diving further into summer.

mansuetude said...

Seth, there Is something about that phrase--i think it conjures a fire that is also food and ever growing on the earth

with the word red.
Its brilliant and breathy juxtapostion of words.


Kathy, I still am very grateful for your last comment--the response that came in me was a tremendous gift TO ME.

Big Blessings rippling Thanks.

We are all, always morphing; opening and closing. I think blogging and esp the kinds of comments i get here, are like fuel for that fire sometimes; engages an inner dialogue of such random/synchronistic fertility of mind.

xo exo blessings

merci33 said...

Just "you" alone are deep and amazing. Full of coded memory.
Thank you for this post...I hadn't seen the exposed ship truly boggles the mind to imagine our layers. I love what you share:

"Well we are all probably deeper and older in the heart and psyche than our wildest imaginings while looking up at the clear night of millions of mult-ilayered twinklings of star after stars ... are you looking up, you are getting deeper and deeper. Ahh."

As you know...I adore 'Lookin' Up'

Christine said...

Thank you. I love these roars back to the past. Like the smell in museums. Here we have open air museums with complete towns from the 1650s and up. Dizzying. Always wish for time-travelling possibility when visiting. Must have been working the herbs and household back them ...
alas -- here I go again.
I hope you are well and enjoying you.

mansuetude said...


the shipwreck is just a symbol of our depths, coded in memory or otherwise, and our potential to learn (over time) Not to deny we are all on journey, and that hate and violence (site of 9-11) is NOT the way.

Thanks for coming over, and blessings.


i almost wrote you an hour before you wrote here, because we talked about me not blogging this month and i did, by posting here, if not commenting "out there" ... i did/am enjoying my self time.

The more time i take off, the more i write ha ha..

I want/long for some pizza crust formulas my brilliant cook friend! :) Its so hard to keep any bread product near this water.

Even the bakery lady gives us uncooked loaves. she likes us, ha ha... :)

Karin Bartimole said...

I adore your way with words, and the way they stop me still, taking me deeper... When I saw this ship wreck on the news it too stopped me in my tracks. To think about this history beneath our history - the layers of life and story, the many perspectives, voices, souls...
Enjoy your summer time. xoxo

mansuetude said...

you have a beautiful way with words too, Karin, and visuals, and Happy Dances! thanks.

rivergardenstudio said...

A breath of rain,
the wind goes through the house
east to west
and I'm thinking at your home
on the river it is probably opposite.